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All I knew was that it was certainly no later past the dusk of night, and that I had an overwhelming sense of fatigue and the fact that an awful, toe curling sense of commotion sounded from outside of the cells, had me cursing lowly. With a mighty huff of annoyance, I shuddered in response to the frigid cold seeping into any vulnerable, open space under my quilt. There were no words to describe the temperature in the cells at night, and I knew if I was here any longer, I'd contract hyperthermia no doubt.

I groaned into my pillow, suddenly bombarded with the indescribable urge to tear down walls, to release my frustration onto the floor- something. It sounded as though people were fighting, slamming each other ruthlessly against bars, it was truly aggravating. "Let me see her!" A low, venomous voice demanded, sending shivers raking down my spine in familiarity. Elias. I'd never gotten up from my bed so fast in all my time here, I even forgot to bring my quilt as my shivering body enclosed the distance to the bars.

"Elias!" I screamed, feeling my eyes well up with emotion as I breathed hard, trying to crane my neck harder as I pressed my cheeks tight up against the bars. It was no use- I couldn't see a thing through the darkness surrounding. "Elias, I'm over here!"


His voice was panicked, I'd never heard such emotion lace his tone before, and truth be known, it frightened me. Did he have a plan? Was he finally going to break us out of here?

With the black suits thick on his tail, I knew this wasn't going to work and it probably would of benefited more if I'd of just gone back to sleep, but I couldn't, I wouldn't leave him again. I forgave him, I was able to push aside the fact he wanted me dead, I understood his decision and I was in no position to judge him on that, no matter how deep it plunged the knife into me.

With a quick flutter of my heart, I sobbed hard as I felt his presence, soon his skin was up against the bars, just brushing mine as I enclosed my fingers around his. "It's okay, are they treating you right? So help me God-"

"I'm fine!" I quickly hushed him, feeling my fingers tremble over his as I gazed over him, choking on his beauty as he stood in all his naked glory. "-how did you get here?"

Elias ushered his sight to the left of him, surveying closely as he released a low, threatening growl. I felt my heart hammer hard, what was they going to do to him now? "Let him in- I will allow them a night together." A familiar, sick voice rang through, followed by a throaty chuckle. "-cherish it, you won't get another."

My gate slowly opened and I was immediately consumed with Elias's skin as he picked me up into his arms, moulding me into his chest as I clung my arms around his neck, inhaling his scent as I melted into him. His body was surprisingly warm, not being entirely sure how their body temperature worked, I shrugged it off and squeazed harder, so thankful to finally be able to touch him. A week apart had been much too long and I wasn't sure if I could bare any longer.

"-I'm so sorry, I shouldn't of hated you for it, I thought and did some bad things-" My rambling had been cut short as Elias harshly pressed his moist lips to mine, capturing them in a never ending battle for dominance as I fought hard against him, determined to come out on top as I gently glided my tongue against his, a low rumble of approval passing his throat as he responded. It was intense and utterly mind blowing and I was so consumed in the moment that I hadn't realised Elias was walking with me. Tangling my hands in his hair, I tugged hard, feeling all my emotions ooze out of me as I felt my aggression poke through. He bent us down, feeling the soft mattress below my back as he pressed me into it, climbing on top as he claimed my neck, showering me with bites and kisses as he dragged his tongue against my skin. I let out a shaky moan, feeling his large hands tauntingly roam my body, roughly cupping my breasts and dragging his nails across my sides, forcing my back to arch into him. I was hot and out of control, and I wanted more.

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