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I groggily rubbed at the sleep coating my eyes, feeling frustration ignite like flames as I fought against the overwhelming fatigue lacing my body. I realised then, I'd barely slept a blink all night and I knew the very reason why. Elias.

Elias, Elias, Elias!

A groan of disapproval skimmed my lips, were they treating him right? Theo kept assuring me he would be perfectly taken care of, as would Esree, but how much of this could I truly believe without brushing myself off to be naive?

Sluggishly forcing myself from slumber, I pried open my eyes and instantly latched on to a small piece of card sat idly on the bedside table. Frowning slightly, I reached for the white material and began to study.

~ Darcy,
Don't be alarmed when you notice my disappearance, I've an urgent matter to attend to. How I wish to be able to forget such necessities and spend precious time with such a beautiful soul before I deliver you to your home.
However, I can't and therefore requires you to entertain yourself for a while. Forgive me for postponing something that must mean so much to you, however, a situation has arised that I must tend to first.

Again, forgive me, dearest Darcy.

I chewed at my lip as I continuously scanned the beautifully written note. The truth was, I should of been annoyed. I should of been raging with anger! However, I couldn't bring myself to possibly ever feel any sort of hate towards Theo. I couldn't and I wouldn't because he was the only vampire to treat me as someone equal to him and I had to respect this.

Swilling my mouth out with water, I popped my toothbrush into the holder and ran my fingers through my wet hair. A cold shower was definitely needed to freshen me up, however, this meant the disposal of the bandage concealing my neck wound and the more I looked at the damage Elias inflicted on me, the more I cringed for him. What had he turned into?

On a positive note, my skin had begun to absorb the stitches, resulting in the closure of my wound and the pain had began to lessen. Letting out a sigh, I continued to let my eyes linger on the yellow stained, swollen injury and tried to contain my nausea. I never thought Elias could ever truly harm me in such a viscous manner.

The moment my eyes peeled from my wound and focused on my reflection staring back at me, was the moment an ear curling scream erupted from my throat, sending my heart at a thousand mile an hour pace. My body spun around and I slapped my hand to my heart, feeling it pump rapidly against my rib cage, sending my blood pressure soaring through the roof.

"Elijah, you scared me." I chuckled nervously, trying my very best to mask my horror as I gently eased myself into the situation. If it wasn't the vengeance consumed expression he had plastered to his face, it was the tight fists clenched at his sides that gave every aspect of his motive away. I didn't need to ask why his presence lingered beside me because I already knew.

"My family." His voice cracked, forcing a knot to form in my throat as I swallowed hard, I think I knew where he was carrying this. "-my family!" He roared, taking a daunting step closer as I flinched in horror against the bathroom sink. All the while, endless scenarios flashing like lightning around my head. He was going to kill me. I was sure of it.

"You've ruined my family!" I inwardly sighed, shutting my eyes tight as I prayed to God to spare me. Not now, not when I finally have my chance of release. My escape god dammit! "You arrived and you tore us apart. I was going to have it all! KING!" I let out a panic struck squeal as he sent his fist launching towards the shower glass, nothing but shattered glass consuming the room. I gaped over at him, horror struck and fearful as I remained deadly still. "I was going to be King, Darcy. You made me do things! Elias was growing too attached and you were screwing with his head! Father, he informed the council, he informed them of you-" he snickered evilly in front of me, glaring down at me in disgust. "And I couldn't have that, I couldn't have them take my brother but I panicked. I-I-I panicked damn it! I didn't mean to rip his heart out Darcy, I didn't I swear it!" He began to break down rapidly, staring at me in astonishment as though only now hearing himself admit his crimes. "- but he wanted to break my family and no one breaks my family. You hear me? Not my father, not the court and most definitely not you."

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