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If you could peel back all our layers of affection for each other, we'd be vulnerable to the fact that our relationship was no longer that of a few months. How could we feel so indescribably close, as though we were meant to be. Of course, that was only from my point of view, Elias's could of been a totally different perspective, and that often made me curious. How did he feel? His reaction that night spoke a thousand words, I'd hurt him, I'd shot a dagger straight through his heart and he felt it, I knew it and so did the old man. My heart ached for him, I wished things and circumstances were different. I often wished he was human and somehow, our fate would of collided back at home, maybe then things wouldn't of been so difficult as they are now.

But I was fantasising, this was reality and I needed to remove my head from the clouds and accept that.

It'd been a few weeks since Elias's outburst and the old man hadn't bothered me since. Jay still remained a ghost in my presence and for that I was somewhat thankful. I craved the chance to tear off his face, to inflict everything he forced me through back at him but I knew it wouldn't solve anything. After all, I played right into his hands, I kissed him and therefore meant he could only take a small portion of the blame. I was needy and pathetic, it was all my fault and Elias hates me, but for good reason and I couldn't overlook that fact.

I gently twirled a strand of my dark brunette hair around my finger, my nails had grown quite long now but often snapped due to the lack of nutrition I was receiving. The food they provided me with was fairly bland and I often had to bite the urge to turn my nose up, knowing it was eat or starve. My hair hadn't grown any because of the water preventing growth of hair follicles and I was dying to see the reflection of myself, praying I didn't look half as bad as what I felt. I was certain every being in this prison had seen my naked body now, as I had theirs, it wasn't a foreign thing anymore and quite frankly, it didn't even bother me now. The thought of that was quite strange because before this, I was conscious in just a bathing suit!

I slowly pulled myself out from my thoughts at the sound of footsteps trailing towards my cell. I felt my pulse gently accelerate in realisation, our cell block had already had showers today, we shouldn't be disturbed for a second time tonight. I bit my lip anxiously, trying to ease my worries as I assured myself there was hopefully nothing to fear.

"Your trial awaits little human." I shivered involuntary at the words that were spoken outside my cell. My vision swarmed with two black suits as I let out a shaky breath, feeling my face pale and adrenaline course through me. This wasn't happening. Was it? Was this another one of the old mans sick pranks?

The two men stool tall with the same black tinted glasses concealing their eyes, protecting them from the harsh rays of the light, of which Scarlett informed me. Not that there was any light in here to affect their eyes. "For real?" I asked breathlessly, not truly prepared for this scenario as my eyes darted back and fourths, unable to grasp the surreal moment.

"Indeed, come now."

With a heavy head and reluctant feet, I gently picked myself up from the mattress, my bare feet pressing against the cool floor as I hesitantly took a few steps towards my cell gate. Running my hand through my hair, I exhaled dramatically, mentally slapping myself at my weakness. No life was worth living like this, if anything, I should be grateful I had a way out now.

"Don't look too scared human, you never know, you might win over the court." Scarlett's voice rang through, giving me a small sense of hope as she tried to ease my worries. That was the first bit of reassurance I'd received yet, a little thankful that I had something to fight for now at least.

The two men scoffed, ushering for her to quieten down as the bars to my cell opened, allowing my exit. The cool air nipped at my skin as I walked in a straight line down across the cells, diverting my attention into each one as I passed by. Curiosity always getting the better of me as I tried to steal a glance at each vampire held within every time I passed them for my shower. The cells were often so dark, it proved to be difficult given the split second I was at eye lengths with the cell to actually perceive a vision but the majority of vampires I managed to peek at, weren't too horrendous to look at.

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