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I would of been lying if I said terror wasn't plastered to my face and it was obvious Elias could see it because a thick smug smirk was imprinted on his full, pink lips. "You- you were playing me?" I asked in astonishment, Elias's words ringing loud and clear. Naive.

I felt the sudden roughness of his thick, masculine hands tighten around my petite wrists, tugging me forward as I gasped in despair. "No-" I fought back, fuelling his fire as he growled aggressively, his face turning sour as he he flung me effortlessly to his right, aiming me directly for his bed. "-I don't believe you, this isn't you! Your eyes! Elias!" I pleaded, letting out a sob of pity as he stalked menacingly towards me, his eyes still a shade of charcoal black, a pit full of evil and sorrow as they reflected my terrified expression.

"This is me, human, I'm Pureblood and now you know why everyone despises me!" Despite his fearing tone of voice and sudden change of persona, I knew Elias was still present, he was talking personal, emotions were dripping from his words. I let out shaky breaths, shuffling backwards on his silk bed sheets, eyes wide as he stood inches from me. "I control you, I can control anyone, so learn your place."

I watched closely as he clawed two hands to his face, gripping his head between his fingers and cursing loudly, then he snapped. With a sickening stare, he slowly crawled on top of the bed, hands encircling my ankles as he tugged me towards him. I shut my eyes in horror, what was he going to do to me? The bed sheets lay a ruffled mess with me engulfed as I lay helplessly beneath him. His warm scent had me sighing with self pity, unable to believe he didn't possess the qualities I thought he did. With a brave, swift motion, I clenched my fingers around the soft material of his hoodie and pulled him into me, refusing to allow him control. "I don't-" I gritted out, releasing his sweater and slapping my hands across his face, squeezing his cheeks to alter his attention down to me. "-believe you! I don't despise you, Elias! Your sister, Esree, adores you and she too sees the good in you! Stop it, damn it!" I let out a muffled cry of surprise as with a swift and inhuman motion, he yanked up my dress, shoving the bottom frills into my mouth, forcing it open and in return, I gagged uncontrollably with my breathing restricted. With my bare skin on vivid show, a venomous sound erupted from his throat, forcing my hands to fling out in natural reflex and attempt to rip my dress out of my mouth. However, he was faster and wistfully pinned my hands above my head, transferring them into one of his. Our eyes locked, the shadow black staring blankly into mine was enough to be anyone's worst nightmare and it clicked, it wasn't Elias. Or, well, it was. He was just overridden by his Pureblood, Esree failed to inform me that a Pureblood had two sides, literally, or perhaps I was just assuming. I debated screaming but was certain it would go unheard, especially with material lodged down my throat. My pulse very quickly increased in speed, now completely vulnerable under Elias's unpredictable state and it was very worrisome. A sharp intake of breath left me completely lightheaded as Elias sucked at a tender area just above my hip, forcing my stomach to dip and convulse with sensitivity. I stared wide eyed below me, my eyes focused intently on Elias and his peculiar actions. With a quick flick of his tongue, he left a trail of moist heat running up my naval, gliding over the trail of goosebumps he had made apparent on my skin. With a husky moan and a devilishly low growl, he bit hard at the very spot he'd originally sucked. I knew he didn't do it hard enough to draw blood and I was certain I couldn't feel any protruding fangs but I knew the temptation was overtaking him. I wasn't sure what the deal with vampires was, did they bite? Did they consume blood?

With a heavy hand, he held my wriggling body still, the pressure hurting just a little as he was obviously unaware of his strength. Or maybe he intended to inflict pain onto me. I wanted to tell him to stop and I so badly knew every possible con to this ridiculous situation but I couldn't- I wouldn't.

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