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Letting out a shaky breath, I intertwined my fingers through the metal squares of what I presumed resembled an animal cage. Elijah threatened my consequence of taking off the blindfold until instructed and I wasn't in any kind of predicament to protest. My bare legs were pressed against cold slabs of cement flooring, rough and dirty. My surroundings had an almost off kind of smell and I tried my best to continue breathing through my mouth, to try and prevent the nausea eating away inside.

I was terrified.

I was the vulnerable one here, the weak and pathetic one and there was no crawling away from that fact. All I could pray was that Theo would find me. However, that wasn't to say the very, very likely scenario wasn't thrashing around in my head and it was only natural to surmise it. That was that Theo wouldn't care enough about me to put matters aside and rescue me. That I wasn't all that important that he'd risk his life to protect me, because Elijah wouldn't stand for any liable threat, that much was clearly obvious which meant Theo would be putting his life in jeopardy. For me. Though Elijah was no match for Theo, being a Pureblood and all.

I swallowed down the last of my hiccups, growing frustrated and agitated as they continued to echo through the dull, but obviously spacious room. To say I was bored would of been an almighty understatement. I wasn't all that aware on how long I'd approximately been stewing here, however, judging by the deep rumble lacing my tummy and the heavy fatigue enveloping my eyes, I knew it had been a while.

By now, I was sure Theo had realised my disappearance and I continued to pray that he would search for me. I wasn't sure how much longer I could tolerate being trapped inside a cage; I couldn't even stretch my legs, for the height of the cage was no more than the length of my torso. Why had he locked me in this, like an animal? The undeniable urge to pee was dwindling on my mind hopelessly, there was no question that it would be the death of me because nothing on this earth could force me to pee my pants. Paling at the thought, I brushed it off and tried to blossom my mind with happy thoughts.

My focus had become slightly off, for the blood draining to my wound had become too much for it to possibly even consider stopping. It was bad, that much I knew.

Sighing softly, I rested my head against the slabs and began to hum soothingly.

"Do you see what you've done now?!" Instantly my body geared into high alert, as much as deemed possibly due to my blood loss and deep slumber he'd just rose me from. Elijah's raging voice entered my senses and I found my skin instinctively tingling with nerves, fear creeping its way in as I cowered into the floor. I hated feeling so vulnerable, so afraid.
"He's already escaped, he's already took her! They've gone! Gone! They've left me and gone and it's all your fault!"

I was breathing hard, so hard, I prayed he would just stay away. Even once he left me, I refrained from removing my blindfold because I was afraid of what I would see. I felt that this way, perhaps it would of been more soothing on my mind. However, now, I was regretting it because I had no idea where he was and that bothered me. Was he perhaps in front of me now? Ready to prod and torment me with a stick? I felt my body shiver in anticipation, I didn't like this at all.

"Where has he gone?" He spoke coldly, his question pondering my mind as I continued to lay motionless against the floor. "Answer me damn it!"
My lack of acknowledgement was obviously bothering him, but the truth was, I couldn't muster up the energy to fight or even respond. Which was very bad judging by the temper Elijah was stewing himself in.

"Why aren't you opening your eyes?" His voice rumbled with a sense of worry as I heard him swallow the distance, walking closer, his breathing heavy and audible. "ANSWER ME!"

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