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After taking many agonising steps towards the large oak doors, it was only when my body lay behind them that I was finally able to release a suffocating breath that was dying to be exhaled, allowing my body to regenerate and piece together what it was exactly that had just, unbelievably might I add, happened. And by that I mean- Theo. Dark, taunting and sexy Theo. Wise and mature, leaking with authority and respect, but his age deceived him and it was that that truly bothered me. A familiar, head doing question lurking around my mind, who was Theo?

Turning my body around, my gaze automatically darted up to the deep emerald eyes boring into mine, alert but sort of exhausted as he lazily gazed at me, his expression withdrawn as he kept his mind blank. Him looking at me the way he was, as though he was peeling off my layers and studying every leaf, made my body shiver in somewhat anticipation. He liked me, yes? Why else would he want me? So therefore he must approve of the way I looked, what he sees, wholeheartedly?

Tugging my lower lip into my teeth, I began to chew anxiously, shifting my weight uneasily as I awaited my next orders. This man made me extremely uncomfortable and I couldn't quite understand why. He wasn't rude and demanding, he'd been nothing but kind to me, so why was I fearing him? Or perhaps I was muddling up my emotions, maybe it wasn't fear.

"An awful predicament to force you in, Darcy Rose and for that I offer you my sincerest apologies. However, know that my intention was never to harm you, hurt you or ever make you feel uncomfortable. I will allow you your wish to speak to this Elias, but you must not breach our deal, in fear he will lose control. A wild pureblood isn't something to take lightly, Darcy, he is untamed and young, so I ask you to keep this to yourself."

My fingers were trembling and my palms were sticky with sweat, why was I so anxious? Letting out a heavy sigh, I clenched my hands, going over repeatedly the rules Theo had made sure I followed and comprehended. Elias was better off not knowing. I believed this. It is for your own safety that he doesn't find out whilst you are at close range. That too was understandable and made perfect sense. Elias is uncontrollable and will act on instinct if in rage. This I had a little problem with agreeing with, however, I wasn't going to argue with Theo as he was allowing me to say goodbye and as much is it was purely twisted, I was in his debt for that. I knew that without Theo, the court would have ordered my death. Such disgust lingered in their eyes when they glanced at me, it was a little terrifying but there was no doubt about it that I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Theo.

The walls were a shiny matt metal, windows and doors were non-existent as I stared around in horror. This was what they were holding him in? The air felt cold and frigid and immediately, my skin prickled with goosebumps. Sucking in more courage, I continued through the small walkthrough, and paused when I came towards a dead end. A large beep signaled through the halls, echoing sharply as the mysterious door raised from the ground, allowing my entrance. Pressing my feet against the floor, I followed through and felt my heart sink as my eyes instantly hovered over Elias, of whom had wedged himself tight into the corner, legs wide apart and head in his hands.

My heart was aching for him and soon enough, tears prickled at the core of my eyes, daring to fall as I stepped closer. It was only then I realised a thick but almost clear wall was placed between us, reflecting my image slightly but giving me a perfect image of Elias as I narrowed in. Could Elias see me? This wasn't what I agreed to!

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