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The trust between me and Esree had just been burnt to crisp, I was foolish and reckless, what was I thinking? I should have believed in Esree enough to realise that she wanted her secret to remain unknown to Elias for an obvious reason. His temper. However, that didn't mean I could just watch whilst she suffered knowing I wasn't doing a thing about it. But it wasn't my place and there was nothing more to it.

With a harsh intake of breath, I lunged out after Elias, determined to stop him before he made any rash decisions. I groaned inwardly, my panic rising significantly as I let my eyes roam down the corridor, he certainly moved fast. Making my way towards the stairs I listened closely, anything that would give me a clue on his whereabouts. I let out a frustrated groan of annoyance, debating which direction to run in and if it would be wise to do so.

"Darcy? What are you doing?" A small voice asked, laced with suspicion and worry. "Father might see you!"

I cringed against the balcony, quickly surmising options as I bit my lip, turning my body to face hers.

"Esree I'm so sorry, I had to tell Elias, I wasn't thinking-" My rambling mouth was quickly hushed by Esree as she dashed passed me, leaving me in question to whether or not she was angry. I almost lost my senses then, everyone was having a habit of abandoning me at the worst of times.

A loud, destructive crash of obstruction had my head snapping below the balcony in seconds, my feet leading the way as I quickly made my way down the stairs, praying Elias was safe.

"You sick son of a bitch, your daughter! How long?"

My eyes widened in fear at the confrontation taking place in front of me. A very aggressive Elias stood tall with fists crunched and tense as he breathed heavily, demanding answers from his father who lay in shock on the marble floor. My eyes roamed shamelessly over the grey haired, ageing man. His expression overloaded with confusion and for the first time so far, fear. "What the hell do you think you are doing, boy?" The man spat with as much authority as he could muster. His words went rudely unacknowledged by Elias as he retorted quickly.

"Under my nose." Elias chuckled, any sense of humour going untraced as he threw his head back, letting out a deadly chuckle. "Under my fucking nose you absolute despicable creature!"

It was then Elias cracked, something in his body ticked as his pureblood eased into his system, all sense of control washing away as he took a menacing step towards the fallen man. "Elias no!" A panic struck voice hooked my attention to a fearful Esree, of which I hadn't noticed her presence until then. I swallowed anxiously, feeling my pulse strengthen as I watched between the three of them. "Please, Elias you'll lose control, they'll punish you!"

"Not before they punish him first."

Then it happened. The figure of a male coming into view as the images blurred in front of me, sending my eyes into a daze of confusion as I blinked continuously, straining to focus in as their movement combined with a high level of speed took place. A sickening cry of pain had my ears coiling in protection, just who's cry was that?

I watched Elias closely as he crouched low, his body now several metres from the two men that stood before him, his father wiping blood off of his injured nose. I observed closely as the Scarlett red throbbed violently through his eyes, leaving no trace of his humanity as he looked ready to kill. I slapped my hand over my mouth in shock, not missing the shiny blade Elijah had brought, along with himself, into the fight. Elijah had it hidden, as though unsure if he truly wanted to use it and I could see the horror written on his face at the predicament. I could feel my fear rise significantly, my fear for Elias. I couldn't provide an answer as to why I was feeling so strongly for a male of a different species, for a man who contributed to my captivity- but I did and there was nothing more to it.

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