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Shackles restrained my wrists as I fought to itch the antagonising tickle taunting my cheek. Alertness and wariness washed over me in suffocating breaths, alarm bells stirring as I felt the harsh weight of my motionless body, surprisingly heavy.

My eye lids felt as though they were glued shut, refusing to oblige and allow me vision to my whereabouts. My throat resembled that of a scorching burn, dry and raspy.
Deep in the pit of my stomach, despite my lack of knowledge, I knew something was desperately wrong. I felt as though my body was compelled, forced into submission to lay lifelessly yet my mind was working overtime, ticking hopelessly. The possibility of being drugged urged its way into my thoughts, and my panic quickly intensified.

My eyes finally pried open, nothing but stars and blurred specks scattered my vision as I strained hard, blinking repeatedly. I could just outline the peculiar view of a hanging lightbulb, swaying gently to the side as though a slight gust of air was circling. I urged my head to the side, fighting the overwhelming pressure to close my eyes as I stared, dumbfounded. Whatever substance was absorbing through my veins had my senses on lockdown, as the sight before me didn't even force a gasp from my lips.

"On a tight schedule ladies, up, up!"

The protruding voice drawled my attention away from the many naked females scattered across the floor, some alert and majority not so much. "Grab one that's awake, we haven't got all day, our asses will be on the line if we don't start speeding this." I briefly heard the male grumble, obviously referring to us. Quickly, I forced my eyes closed, refusing to be picked first as I held my breath. My plan failed miserably as two thick hands gripped at my waist, and I didn't even have the slightest drop of energy to protest.

"We gave them too much, you know they prefer their girls clean."

"Do you ever quit moaning? Are you the one in charge here? No, move."

My head felt as though it was spinning out of control, I could feel my feet dragging across the floor as he pulled me, yet his fingers weren't rough upon my body, as though afraid to harm or imprint my skin, as though I was fragile.

"Take her through into quarantine,  deliver her and wake the other bitches up, the bidders aren't paying to wait."

I blinked repeatedly, trying to regain focus as I was dragged effortlessly across the floor, my head flush against the mans neck. "Walk dammit!"

"Be gentle, no marks, you know as well as I do it comes out our God damn pay checks."

The man grunted and only tightened his hold on my numbed skin, tugging me further in an unknown direction.

"Number seven-zero-one for quarantine, sending her in now."

A small moan of disproval passed my lips at the roughness of the removal of my restraints.

A small gasp of horror left me breathless as I could just make out four very tight walls, unable to recollect my surroundings. Ice cold particles shot aggressively at my naked body in all directions, my face, my stomach, every inch was hit at. I couldn't breathe, oxygen felt so very little, every time I inhaled my mouth would fill with water, drowning me that little bit more. My body hit the floor with a thud, my fingers grazing against the small holes draining the showering water. I could feel my body shaking through the shock of the temperature but yet my body still lacked all sensation. My lips were quivering and teeth were chattering.

It felt like an eternity before the water cut off, a small stinging rippled through my skin, the effects of the drug finally starting to show signs of easing off. My body was convulsing, the shock obviously too much for my body to tolerate as I shivered uncontrollably.

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