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It all happened so fast, one second his hand was torturing me and then the next it was enclosed firmly around the small of my throat, maximum pressure applied as I choked and gasped, clawing at the little air I was able to inhale. "Elias!"

An intense growl erupted to the side of us as the grip around my neck strengthened. Instantly I recognised the voice, Elijah. Although, I was quite happy to finally put a name to the mysterious man because it seemingly took the whole mystery thing down a notch. "Well if I didn't know better, Elijah-" Elias mocked, the fabric of his hoodie rested up against my neck as he inhaled my scent, obviously trying to put Elijah on edge. "I'd say you were a little worried." My eyes flicked over to the doorway where Elijah stood, his features firm and tensed as his eyes locked with mine.

Elijah didn't need to be worried because I was most definitely panicking enough for the both of us. "Let her be, she isn't your toy, only I get to touch her and only I get to inflict anything upon her."

I let my eyes shut as I trembled beneath his hold, his hands still firmly planted around my neck. The atmosphere was tense and I was certain my breathing was audible three doors down. "Worried about how easily I could snap her little, fragile neck, perhaps?"

I couldn't hold back the panic struck whimper that pathetically rolled past my lips, feeling the truth laced behind his words as he purposely drew his fingers down lower, causing my face to heat and burn due to the foreign hand.

"She intruded into my room, disobedience comes with punishment, Elijah. You may not understand that,-" he paused, I could feel the sudden tension in his firm jaw as he remained extremely close. "-but that is all I know, so leave."

I waited in anticipation for Elijah to disappear but I couldn't deny the relief that flooded through me as he remained rooted to the spot. "I don't want to fight with you."

A deadly, humourless chuckle erupted in my neck at the acknowledgement of Elijahs words, Elias was mocking him, belittling him and shaking his head in disbelief. "You think you could actually get the chance to fight with me? You're weak-" Elias insulted evilly, his tone laced with dark, troublesome emotion as he continued. "Pathetic and lazy. You've never had to work for a thing!"

I could sense the argument trailing down a dark path of sensitivity, it was getting personal and I happened to be directly smack bam in the centre of it.

A small cry of discomfort squealed past my parted lips as he twisted me sharply, too fast for me to even take a side glance at his face as he threw me to the floor directly in front of Elijah's feet. "Teach it some respect, maybe next time it won't be so lucky."

I flinched, his words hitting me like a bucket of iced water directly in my face, he said it again, it. Was I really going to stand for that? Could I handle being spoken down to like a damn animal?

I pushed myself up by my arms, feeling my curly hair knotting around my frame as I glanced up, my vision a little blurry and misleading. "You're an asshole."

Three words, who would of ever ever guessed that three words could land one in such an intense amount of danger that there was no hope?

I had Elijah to thank for my safety because as soon as those regretted words left my lips the two men had leaped for each other, or, well, Elias had clearly targeted for me. I could only make out briefly who had the upper hand and going by this, I wasn't going to wait around to be next. I quickly jumped up, scrambling out the door into the large hallway, dashing left as I breathed heavily, praying he wasn't tailing me. I really should learn to filter my mouth.

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