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Silence had lured itself amongst the court room, awaiting my answer as the vampires finally diverted their attention off of each other and on me, somewhat just as curious as what I appeared to be. Proposition? What on earth could he offer me, other than my freedom, that would benefit me? I was beyond curious and the dark glint in his mischievous eyes told me he knew he had my full and utter attention. Chewing at my bottom lip, I curled my toes into the carpet, anxiety creeping its way in as I kept my gaze solely on him, waiting patiently. The old man, who had been shooting fire daggers my way with his eyes the entire time, shifted uncomfortably in his chair, his eyes focused on the male next to him with suspicion, obviously not liking where this was going. He wanted me dead, that wasn't a shock to me.  

As silence crept over, I took the time to fully study him feature by feature. Noticing the breathtaking sculpture that lined his jaw and well groomed stubble enhancing the bone. His dark, raven coloured hair was styled away from his face, perfectly positioned and incredibly stunning, in such a manner that it was as though he didn't even have to try, almost as though he just woke up like it. He too had a similar attire to the black coats, the only difference being his shirt was a scarlet red and produced with an almost silk touch. A black tie was professionally snug against his neck, circling beneath his collar and disappearing behind the table as he rested forward, his attention purely on me. His intense stare was making me nervous, I knew it and he definitely knew it, if the smug tug playing against his lips was anything to go by. The power that radiated from this man had shivers raking through my body and it intrigued me all the more. Just who was he?

"The decision is solely yours, Darcy Rose, do remember this." His husky voice trailed off, immediately grasping my attention as his lips moved flawlessly. How was he so charming? So perfectly skilled with his words, it almost frightened me. My heart was thumping indescribably fast and it was a little distracting, that and the thought of being naked in front of this man. I suddenly felt as though every little flaw I possessed had now been magnified, presenting on vivid show for him to study and it was extremely worrying. Yet, why did it even matter? Why was I so bothered on his opinion on me?

The man was beginning to frustrate me, he was dragging it out and that I didn't approve of. Couldn't he just spit it out already? The curiosity was eating away at me and the endless scenarios scrolling through my head was very manic to comprehend.

"You know that Elias, being a wild pureblood, cannot ever leave this prison alive, yes?"

I blinked. And I blinked twice. Unable to grasp where he was trailing with this, did I know that? Of course not, anything could happen and if I was right in my concept that this man had the power to bend the rules, then why couldn't Elias leave this prison alive? Sucking  in my lip, I sent a small frown his way, but nonetheless nodded, figuring it was easier to agree than to argue.

"I mean no harm to come of any of my people, Darcy Rose, believe me when I say this. However, I have the duty to protect my Coven, and that I hope for you to understand as much as I believe to be difficult for you. He is wild and unpredictable, it is much too late to tame his wild antics. But, your care for him burns deeply within your eyes and it fascinates me to see a human develop feelings for such a wild-" He paused, his eyes darkening as he glanced over, his eyes never leaving mine. He slowly fell into a deadly wheel of silence, in heavy thought as his mind trailed elsewhere, before finally, he spoke.  "I will let you leave, Darcy Rose."

The court erupted in bellowing disapproval, hissing and protesting as they raised their bodies from their chairs. My gaze turned from the crowd and I almost fell to my knees at the shock from the threatening voice cowering the room. "ENOUGH!" One word was all it took to hush the room completely, there had to of been at least a twenty dozen vampires consuming the room and he'd managed to quieten them with one word. "You will show respect!"

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