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Seconds was all it took for my heart to sink to the very bottom of my gut, sending my heart in a battling fury as I felt myself grow dizzier and dizzier. There he was, the familiar mysterious and haunted male I'd been so unbelievably close to. The man I thought I was falling so hard for, the man who risked everything for me. And then it hit me, he tried to kill me! If it weren't for Theo taking care of me, there's no doubt that the council would of let me bleed to death and therefore, I technically should be dead right now. But here I was, living with a pulse.

I shifted uncomfortably, unable to take in the scene as I took a horrified step back. Elias's deep blue eyes had turned a sickening scarlet red, he was raging and even more so to discover I was hooked up in Theo's room. Elias was possessive, it was his nature- and I was almost certain he had come to kill me, if not me then Theo, for murdering his brother, if Elias even knew yet.

Shivers raked my spine and I felt my throat suddenly dry, everytime I swallowed it resembled the feeling of swallowing sandpaper. I was nervous and terrified and as I gazed over at Theo, it worried me how he portrayed himself to be so shockingly calm.
"Pureblood." Elias seethed, his head low and fists tensed. His voice was deep and almost robotic, his Pureblood anomalistically taking over. I let my eyes run over his thick scar coating the entire left side of his face and felt my heart fall lower. He'd lost everything and had been dealt such a horrific life, being rejected by his father and rejected by society and this was how I was treating him. Despite the fact of his rage, I started all of this, I fell into their trap, I kissed another man.

I could only imagine how Elias felt right now, knowing that the vampire coven accepted Theo, but not Elias. Empathising with him, I could only help but choke back a sob, I'd done nothing but made his life a complete catastrophe.

It was my fault his father snitched on him, it was all my fault.

Shimmering out of my thoughts, I focused in on the tension and swallowed hard, preparing me for the events seconds to come. "I wonder how the council will take it knowing an elder is their leader. That's right, your cover is blown, Elder. I wonder how long it will take for the entire coven to turn their backs on you, to torture you, to reject you!" Elias spat, his original ocean orbs peering through as he regained control of his body. It surprised me to say the least, Elias had gained some self control, that was somewhat reassuring. I felt my heart thump hard as I watched Theo's expression twitch, I watched as he tried to control his temper, and I found myself curious as to what Elias was saying.

Was he saying they didn't know he was a Pureblood?

Curious now, I crossed my arms over my chest as I narrowed in on Elias. "I was sent here to regain control of this coven, before me it was losing grips of its sanity, my status is irrelevant due to the worthiness of my control. My temper would never force me to commit such ruthless crimes, me and you couldn't even compare Elias, you're weak and self destructive, nothing will change the fact you will never gain control of your Pureblood, it's thirst will always over power you and for that I pity you."

Theo's expression was dark and threatening, I understood why he was the council leader, I understood why he was in charge of the coven. He radiated power and authority, and I couldn't help but fall harder. These men had me at gridlock, constantly stirring me in a triangle and I wasn't sure if I could take it any longer. "You took her from me." Elias mumbled lowly, his expression focused solidly on the floor below him. "She was mine, she was never yours to take."

I felt my fingers begin to tremble as I watched Elias launch himself into an unhealthy state. It wasn't right, I so badly wanted to help him, to bring him back onto the side of sanity. "I found her first, and now she has your blood through her veins, it's sickening, repulsive." I felt the offence of his words hit me hard as he locked his soulless gaze with mine, looking directly through me, as though he felt nothing for me anymore. "-but I don't want her anymore, you want to know why?"

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