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My back was pressed flush against the wall as three drapes closed over, one panel remained open as the glass window slowly eased into the ground, allowing access. I breathed heavily, praying no harm would come to me as I stood frozen.

The dark shadow suddenly disappeared, the familiar raven haired woman coming into view as I prepared myself into a fighting stance. "You're very lucky a Royal wanted possession of you, with such lack of obedience and respect I'm shocked you were even purchased at all. Come now, your presence has been requested."

I stared on in horror at the words passing her little red lips, so carefree as though all of this was such a normal occurrence to her. It seemed I'd forgotten how to talk for I couldn't muster the strength to spit out my words, perhaps it was for my benefit as I knew I would definitely be held responsible for the words I would have chosen to speak.

"I'm losing patience." She said, resting her palm on her hip as she stared in annoyance at me. "Force her, we haven't got time for this."

My eyes widened in registration as I backed up around the wall, away from him.

His frame was a large build, towering over me with bulging muscles. Clearly I was no match for him. He caught up fast, playing no games as he reached out to grab me. I brought my leg up weakly, wobbling pathetically as I aimed for his crotch. With a sharp intake he growled, firmly gripping my skin as he shoved me into his chest, one arm pressed against my neck as the other lifted me up by my stomach.

He began to walk fast, taking me through the dark room, swiftly. With no hesitation, I brought my teeth down and latched onto the mans arm, taking him by surprise as he released me, cursing loudly as he pushed me down against the ground.
"Quit fighting!"

Out of no where, a sharp prick of a needle had my head spinning like a whirlwind, all senses losing control as I let my head fall back onto the carpet, submitting unwillingly.


Four hours had passed since I had regained consciousness. I knew this by the very small clock attached to the centre of the white patterned wall. I had checked every inch of the room, from the top to the very bottom, anything that would help in alliance to my escape. The door, nothing but a wooden oak plank, which had remained stronger than me as I tried repeatedly to knock it down.

I was very fatigued, I knew I had to eat something before I lived to regret it. However, the plate of food resting against the table surface remained unknown to whether or not it was edible. So I refused to consume it. I wasn't some foolish girl and I sure as hell wasn't going to sit idle and accept this fate.

I let out a frustrated scream as I sent one last damage hurdling kick to the door, a hopeless thump encircling my ears as I slid down, resting my back against it as I choked back a sob. I was imprisoned, the room I was captive in contained nothing but a simple bed, a set of drawers and a few surfaces. I knew my kidnappers could have been a lot more cruel to me, for the condition of the room wasn't all that appalling to hold a captive girl. I knew it certainly could have been worse.

A quick unlock of the door had me scurrying across the wood like a fearful mouse, instincts taking over as I sat in the corner, as far from the door as I could get.

"Get up."

A thick, husky voice had my attention hooked immediately. The male stood tall, his hair an untamed ruffle that laid messily across his forehead. His lips were a protruding, deep red of which were fixated into a neutral expression as he stared down at me with demanding blue orbs. Power radiated off of him, so extreme that his presence had goosebumps swarming my skin. "I said," He spoke lowly, taking a step further into the room- in my direction. "Get up."

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