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How did I feel? Truth is, the answer to that was just as unknown to me as I'd imagine it was to him. My emotions were like a whirlwind, as was the continual throbbing circulating through my left temple, indicating abnormalities, which was only understandable due to the amount of fainting I'd seemingly been doing. Not to mention the foreign blood circulating my veins.

When I woke, I realised I'd been sustained in a prison like cell. Three stone brick walls consumed my vision with the last wall the entrance of which happened to be barred, as though I was an animal confined in its cage. To say I hadn't taken offence would of been an almighty lie because I was simply degraded, words couldn't describe how much my pride had been torn away from me.

I awoke cold and my body was shivering, the goose bumps attacking my body had come to that painful point and I didn't even need a mirror to know my lips were a bluish tint. The power of the air con was truly unbelievable, why did they need it so cold? It was that, or simply due to the fact I was still very much naked. My restraints had been removed, however no clothes had been left for me, nothing but the bed sheet covers that I had very tightly wrapped around my body. The room I was situated in was awfully small and nothing but a regular metal framed bed, a toilet and a sink consumed the room. If I peered out and concentrated enough, across the hallway, I could just about lay eyes on another being, of whom also lay sprawled out across their bed. They had been like that for hours, not once moving, it was creeping me out by the second.

Hours passed and I found myself slowly easing into insanity, not knowing exactly what I could do to preoccupy myself and keep my mind active. I decided on laying backwards off my bed, my feet up against the wall and my head dangling towards the ground. It was only when all the blood rushing to my head was beginning to make me feel nauseous that I realised I couldn't get up, I was stuck and I didn't want to make myself look like a fool by trying to hurl myself up, of which I knew I would. My mind couldn't stop lingering to Esree, a part of me however, believed still in her life, or perhaps that thought just made me feel a little better. Because despite it not being, I couldn't help but blame myself, this really was majority my fault. They couldn't just kill a vampire, could they? She didn't do a thing wrong, she was innocent and she didn't deserve to die. However, could vampires even die?

I knew my body was still experience a small pang of shock, I should be bawling, hating life at the fact Elias ordered me dead, or didn't even try to prevent it, to source another way. Shedding a tear for the loss of Esree, of whom I'd grown fond of, yet my eyes didn't even water.

A deep, raspy cough almost sent my body crashing to the ground as I led wide eyed, my vision very much upside down as I blinked rapidly, trying to focus on the tall body stood in front of me. I bit my lip and frowned harder, faintly recognising the black suited man as he took off his glasses. "You truly are of a different kind." The man mumbled in questioning as he remained still, a slight frown crossing his brow as he studied me curiously. I felt the all too familiar heat creep up my cheeks like a line of fire, burning against my ears all the while. It suddenly dawned on me on what a sight I must of looked like. I was twisted messily in the sheets and there I was, dangling like a child, off of a bed. "How did you get in?" Was all I could respond, but very much interested. I'd been up and down the thick metal bars more than I could count and there was no key hole, no nothing!

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