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My body felt inhumanely cold and widely alert, yet I still couldn't truly focus. I could feel my body pressed tightly against a firm chest as the cold air passed at an abnormal speed, yet my body didn't possess any kind of consequence from it, no goose bumps, nothing. Then I thought back to Elijah and my stab wound, Elias gave me his blood and I had strange side effects. My strength was a little more stronger and my hearing sharper, not to mention the healing of my wound. Did Elias heal me? I didn't feel much pain anymore, a little throbbing in parts of my skin perhaps but nothing severe. 

I listened closely to the faint beat of a heart, pulsing irregularly against my ear, soothing me all the more. Then I felt something erupt inside of me, I literally felt a warm fuzzy sensation trail through each of my ligaments, tightening and tensing as I felt it continue to crawl through my body. With reluctant eyelids, I pried my eyes open, gazing up at a blank Elias, not missing the speed of which we were travelling at. With a sudden flick of fear, I tightly grasped Elias's dark grey shirt under his hoodie with both hands, crumpling it beneath my fingers as I felt the material rip between my grasp, forcing me to gape in dismay. Did I do that?

With an abrupt stop, I felt Elias settle me down on the cold grass, a large tree concealing our figures as we were soon joined by a panting Esree. "Did we lose them?" Esree asked, her cheeks flushed and hair windswept as she collapsed to the floor beside me. Elias dropped to his knees, lifting up my head with his hand as he observed closely.

 "I think she has a concussion, I couldn't of given her enough blood." Elias mumbled beside me, capturing my gaze as he gently played with my hair with his other hand. "We need to keep moving."

I heard Esree agree as she rose from the floor, walking slightly forward, trying to spot danger amongst the darkness. With a deep breath I pulled my torso off the floor, sitting up right slowly as I squinted, my vision suddenly seeming a lot more alert. "How do you feel?" Elias asked, watching me warily as though any second I'd collapse.

I shrugged softly, a wide variety of sounds ushering through my ears as I pressed them tightly. "There's a lot more sounds out here than there is back at the house, is why you're struggling to handle my blood, a lot of your instincts are on alert." Elias informed gently, softly trailing a finger down the side of my face. I turned my gaze to focus on him and without thinking tugged his hood down to reveal his face, shadowed by the night sky. I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to kiss him, to touch him, the craving was unstoppable. With a sudden burst of energy, I captured his lips with mine, a small groan of approval rumbling through his throat, feeling the heat absorb as he quickly responded, hesitant but just as demanding. I felt both of his hands intertwine themselves within my hair, deepening the kiss as I felt the moist touch of his tongue plunge itself through my lips, entangling with mine as he tugged hard at my hair, not truly knowing the full weight of his strength as I winced.

"What are you doing?" Esree squealed, her voice sharp but quiet as to not alert our enemies of our presence. But I didn't care, not this time at least. I was consumed with heat and lust and I wasn't entirely sure how to control this sudden desire for Elias. Elias too ignored the horror from his sister as he growled against my lips, suddenly forcing my body to the ground as he took a position on top of me, latching his lips to my neck and sucking hard. I gasped beneath him, he was igniting heat inside of me that almost, to a point, hurt. Elias was breathing hard above me and through lustful eyes, I didn't miss the red swirling through his, indicating the presence of his pureblood, of which Elias still had control of. I felt my pulse hammering hard and I was struggling to breathe as he squeezed at my breasts, my stomach, any where his hands trailed. I didn't know what overcame us but whatever it was, was uncontrollable and at the worst of times. "Stop it!" Esree finally screamed, parting us both immediately as Elias sent an ear shrivelling growl, suddenly snapping out of his lustful state as he sent a look of disapproval towards his sister.

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