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I was mortifyingly confused and truly humiliated to think I was enduring this sexual harassment. What was his problem? One minute it was his upmost priority to belittle me and refer to me as an animal. The next, he couldn't keep his grubby paws off of my skin.

A teeny pin drop would of been audible in the tension filled room and I was sure the others resembled the very flabbergasted expression that was slapped across my face. Except, I couldn't peek simply because my gaze was fixed high on the royal looking ceiling, it's patterns beautiful and captivating.

"Elias." A firm, unruly voice growled, venom and hatred dripping from the deadly tone. Elias didn't even falter, in fact, it was as though he refused to even acknowledge that he'd just been called by his father. "What is the meaning of this?"

"You really should smell her, she's truly intoxicating." Elias began, making me squeal in horror as he nipped against a sensitive patch at my neck in a trail towards my ear. "It's just a shame she's so-" he paused, tugging at my hair in one swift motion forcing me to cry out in pain. "-disobedient."

"Elias!" Elijah called, clearly at unease of the death grip he had of me. "Enough!"

"No!" Elias's father roared, silencing Elijah faster than he could protest, portraying his superiorness. My legs gave way under Elias's hold, unable to hold my quivering body as I fell into his hands of which were holding me upright completely. "She is to die for such disrespect."

I squealed at that, realisation dawning on me as I regained my balance, shoving against Elias's chest as I refused to endure whatever it was he'd cunningly planned for me, clearly on his fathers side. "Now, now-" Elias cooed, strengthening the grip on my hair in attempt to tame my wild antics. It worked. I breathed heavily under his hold, my neck cramping painfully as I stood hopelessly in his grasp. "Be a good girl, little Darcy."

His words made me cringe, had me shutting my eyes in humiliation and despair. He was mocking me, the asshole thought this situation was funny and that alone infuriated me all the more. "Get-" I paused, breathing in the courage to finish my sentence. "-your hands off of me." I spat, my words coming out with a double dosage of venom and hate as I silently prayed for the safety of my life. I'd almost predicted his reaction, I had little people in my brain gradually working Elias out- at least I thought I did. The outburst I was waiting to feel didn't come, in fact, he didn't do a thing. No. It took me a few seconds to realise why.

A small hand had enclosed around Elias's wrist, obviously having a large amount of effect on his decision because he loosened his hold greatly forcing me to let out a drastic withheld breath. "Let her go." The girl ordered, her eyes fixated on his as they silently fought an invisible war. I tried to peek up and take a sly glance at his face but he ripped my hair to the side, forcing my vision to snap onto Elijah's and away from his. "Please Elias, don't hurt her."

I heard him let out an animalistic growl, anger and aggression laced with the noise as he let go and with an unexpected jerk, he had me falling towards the floor faster than I could keep up and in turn, I fell onto my ass with a heavy thump. I sat dumbfounded for a second, regaining my composure as I stared wide eyed at the floor, uncertain of whether I should take another quick glance at Elias and try to put a face to his voice.


It was a bad move, even I could of guessed the awfully predictable reaction from Elias from the insult thrown by his father. The slow turn from Elias had me scooting across the floor, as far away from the men as I could get. Then he launched. In seconds Elias's father was thrown effortlessly across the room, his body colliding with a large beautiful mirror situated on the far wall of which had shattered into tiny pieces. He was up in seconds, aiming for Elias as he encircled his throat and drove him into the glass table of which crushed under his weight. All the while, I was shrieking like a little girl fearing for her life, trying to dodge the shards of glass flying ruthlessly around the room. Elijah stood dumbfounded, also unsure of which action to take as his eyes landed on me. I felt a cold hand reach for mine as I accepted cautiously, reassured by the warm smile of the young girl, who quickly pulled me up to my feet.

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