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My insides clenched every time I swallowed, when I moved a muscle and even more so when I attempted to try and rest. It hurt so bad, it was such a cruel, sadistic thing to do to a helpless young girl, to starve me of nutrition and make me suffer like this.

I rested my head against the cold slabs of the wooden flooring, curling into my stomach in attempt to ease the cramps. It had been so long, his disappearance was that of at least six days ago. Since then I'd been feeding on tap water from the bathroom to my right.

I wasn't in a good way, my head felt lighter than normal and every time I'd attempt to stand, I'd fall to my knees, on the verge of passing out. I knew someone could go at least three weeks before dying of starvation, is that what I wanted to happen to me? It would be a way out of this, after all. I remained deadly still, my eyes fixated on the ticking clock, it's hands ever so slowly moving with time. In a strange way, it relaxed me.

The rustle of the door hadn't bothered me, as though nothing could cause me any more harm than what had already been inflicted upon me. I wasn't afraid and I certainly wasn't going to shed any more tears, I felt numb and alone.

"What is wrong with you?"

I remained zoned in on the black ticking clock, his voice nothing but whispers in my senses. "Answer me!"

"Go away."

I knew my words would bring me greater punishment but it was as though I'd given up and admitted defeat, I was ashamed. How had I let this happen to me?

"Why are you on the floor? Get up!"

I sighed slowly, shutting my eyes, praying he would disappear for a second time and leave me to my peace. I heard a low grunt come from behind me, then a huff in annoyance, I was clearly bothering him. "I'm tired." I said, my voice timid and ever so quiet, I hadn't stood up in two days which meant I'd gone without water in the meanwhile.

I tried to protest as two thick arms encircled my back and lower knees, pulling me into a warmth laced chest, the faintest heart beat audible to my ears.

Lacking the strength to keep my eyes open, I let my guard down and put my safety in the hands of the mysterious stranger, my highest bidder and very much my worst nightmare.

"What is wrong with her? I demand you make her better."

I moaned groggily, feeling clammy hands prod and poke at my skin, something metal forced its way into my dry mouth, resting against my tongue.

"Sir, it seems she's incredibly malnourished and dehydrated, when was the last time she'd eaten?"

There was a pause, a very long pause, and for a moment, it appeared as though he didn't understand.

"Perhaps a week? Maybe a little longer, does it matter? I can go months without food, she's just weak."

"A week? Sir, she's human. Do you understand the body of a human being? They require a lot of food and water, as in three meals a day. Proper food."

There was that same pause again, perhaps it suddenly dawned on him that what he was doing was actually killing me, not just punishing me.

"I thought it would just make her groggy."

"She's actually dying of starvation, Sir. I insist she eats something nutritious right away."

Large hands sat my body up as a cool glass touched against my lips, urging them open as I obliged, feeling the tepid water flow down my throat, easing the burn in the process. A small groan of approval urged its way pass my lips, forcing my hands to clutch the glass and gulp fast, choking ridiculously soon after.

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