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Not the most interesting chapter, but fillers are necessary sometimes and cant always be juicy, so bare with me!;) Just like to say thanks again for all your support, I have amazing readers and I'm thankful for every one of you that votes and comments regularly, it motivates me all the more!


I watched as the man tensed his fists in response, he was losing his patience with me, it was obvious. "Please." His tone was softer this time and it was as though he was almost pleading me, I just didn't understand why. "If you don't oblige with me, I can guarantee someone with less patience will take my place and they will force you."

I didn't particularly need any more reassurance to oblige once those words passed his lips because I realised he was right, it was obvious someone more firmer will come along if I don't do as I'm told and perhaps treat me like that man. I shivered at the thought. I took a deep breath and walked in front of the door, ensuring him I will enter. The man inhaled sharply and opened up the door, ushering me in. I almost paled as I looked around, taking in the large cubicles each in a line, situated next to each other. Each cubicle contained an extremely large shower head, almost the width of a door. To my right and left, one man occupied each cubicle, naked and restrained like myself as they cowered under the force of the water. I could see the steam filling the room, creating condensation on the glass windows as I watched their face scrunch up in pain, their mouths open as though crying in agony, though it was completely silent. The suited man continued to walk in front of me, not giving me any more time to take in the scene as he instructed me to follow, to say I was hesitant would of been an understatement. I felt like making a run for it, I didn't want to get burnt under water, Lord knows how hot it is if even a vampire cant tolerate it.

I continued scanning to my right and left, noticing each cubicle were exactly the same and were lined directly next to each other as I continued walking through the centre, feeling the tiled floor shiver against my bare feet. I was worried now and noticed how a suited man also occupied each cubicle, watching from a distance, as though ready to scold their prisoner at any fault. We finally came to a stop at an empty cubicle and it was then I was hit with a  full force of anxiety, was he really going to make me do this? With large hands, I watched as he placed his fingers on a technological piece of equipment attached to the door, of which a confirmative beep sounded through the door, opening instinctively. I felt my fingers begin to tremble as he stepped in, stopped behind the door, awaiting my presence as I stepped in after him. I flinched as the signalled lock of the door vibrated through the room  as he shut it behind me, something telling me I'd only be released if I chopped off his hand. I looked around, a large electrical screen to the right was situated along a black wall, of which blocked out the cubicle to the left and right, yet I could very much see the cubicle situated in front of this one, however I was only thankful for it to be empty. "Take off your clothes."

I thought I was going to faint at his order, was he serious? "You can't be serious." I responded in disbelief, wanting to curl under a rock and hide at just the thought.

The man stopped what he was doing on the electrical screen and turned to face me. "I think you'll find I'm very much serious." Was all he replied as he continued with what it was he was doing. I think I began to hyperventilate then. It wasn't as though I wasn't confident with my body, because that very much wasn't the case, I just had a large problem with being naked in front of a stranger, not to mention the fact he happened to be a vampire. I didn't know him, how could he possibly expect me to strip in front of him? He must have realised I wasn't making an attempt to strip off my clothes because he turned to face me for a second time. I watched the muscles clench and tense in his jaw, annoyance evident as he breathed slowly. The man dropped his hands to his sides in a natural manner as he continued to stare with his glasses concealing his eyes. "Why aren't you undressed?"

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