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I could feel the astoundingly increased intensity to my hearing as I released Elias's wrist, no longer feeling the overwhelming craving to drain him of his surprisingly tasteless blood. I was terrified. Terrified as to what was happening to me, what had Elias done? I pried open my eyes gently, blinking rapidly to try and adjust to the severity of the light of which felt like I was staring directly at the sun, only a few metres away. I shut my eyes instinctively and groaned, patting out for Elias who I figured was still stood next to me. "What did you do." I mumbled, my voice sounding that out of a horror story. "I can't see!"

"You can see, Darcy. You're being dramatic." Elias spoke dryly, obviously lacking sympathy in the subject. "I saved your life, nothing is different about you, I promise. Once my blood leaves your system all your senses will return back to their normal weak state, I'm sure of it."

I scoffed beneath him and decided to give another shot at keeping my eyes open, this time, they adjusted a lot faster and my wincing eyes focused in on a relieved looking Elias. I could feel the sudden flutter of my heart rate as I bit my lip, suddenly feeling self conscious and very revealed with my dress being yanked up to my chest.

"This is bad."

The tension in the air suddenly grew a lot thicker as I stared over at Esree peculiarly. She wasn't happy that I survived? "I don't understand?" I whispered almost painfully. "You wanted me to die?"

Esree's face dropped at my sudden take of the idea and she quickly shook her head. "No!" She spoke as though I was absurd. "Of course not, it's bad for Elias Darcy, you can't just give a human blood. You're not even supposed to be here, vampires don't mix with humans and they certainly don't share houses. Ever."

I blinked, trying to absorb the information as I lay motionless. "So then what will happen?"

"A trial, a trial to surmise a worthy punishment and by then they will sure to of found out about his pureblood. Elias wouldn't stand a chance, God dammit, what were you thinking?" I watched as Esree almost broke down, but quickly built up her tumbling walls. I tried to refrain from taking it personally but it was difficult when she was saying it directly in front of my face, she wanted me to die. Yet, it was me or her brother and I was able to understand that.

I wasn't afraid for Elias, not overly. He could take care of himself, I'm sure he could fight his way through a few bad guys. "Elias is strong." I mumbled, feeling the heat burn up my cheeks as I caught a glimpse of Elias's heated stare, obviously proud of the fact I had acknowledged his strength. "Plus, aren't you guys royal? Doesn't that mean something?"

I knew I was in way out of my depth, I didn't have the slightest clue on how things worked for them, after all, they were a totally different species of which mine hadn't the faintest idea existed. It would of done me good to just stay quiet and pull back from interfering but I simply couldn't help it. Especially due to the fact I am the reason Elias could be in trouble.

"The council, the people, together they stand more powerful than us royals put together. Our father- he lacks the strength now, we're seen as weak, the council could do whatever they pleased to our family and he wouldn't stand against them." This time Elias spoke up, his sharp blue eyes alert and hooded as he gazed down at me, refusing to break our contact. "Our people lack faith in him to rule and are constantly trying to tear him from his throne. If they had a glimpse of what I was, that I even existed, they would slaughter all of us, simply for putting our people in danger."

"But you're not dangerous." I pointed out, frowning up at him in concern. I wouldn't allow them to harm Elias, even if it meant my life of which I owe him now, I wouldn't allow it.

A small smile etched onto his lips as he peered down at me, gently running a finger down the side of my cheek tenderly. He truly was something else. The long, deep scar that edged it's way down his face made him all the more beautiful, it was upsetting to think he wore something to conceal his face when he was so truly mesmerising.

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