Pride And Prejudice, The Sequel  by orangecobra
Pride And Prejudice, The Sequel by orangecobra
I have just finished reading Pride and Prejudice for the 100th time, and I really wanted to see how Elizabeth and Darcy handle their married life, so I decided to write...
  • janeausten
  • undiscovered
  • austen
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she's mine? (Larry stylinson fanfiction) by dark-love-4ever
she's mine? (Larry stylinson fanfi...by dark-love-4ever
Harry just up and left one direction without telling anyone , just leaving a note, and disappearing without a trace. Then one day Louis runs into him at the park and he'...
  • mpreg
  • larry
  • louis
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ADOPTED SPIDERby ValkyrieRider
Peter and his superfamily.
  • wadewilson
  • darcy
  • brucebanner
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Harry's Little Princess [h.s]  by EsteeStyles
Harry's Little Princess [h.s] by EsteeStyles
Harry Styles and Brooke Evans were dating for two years and were crazy in love with each other. Brooke was a music final year student in London while dating Harry and he...
  • malik
  • tomlinson
  • horan
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CONTROL by anselacorsino
CONTROLby Ansela Corsino
Billionaire Asher Darcy has a reputation as a devious businessman and shameless rake. Prickly liberal feminist writer Lizzy Bennet hates him on sight, and the feeling se...
  • romance
  • darcy
  • badboy
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Pride and Prejudice and Teenagers. by creativepie
Pride and Prejudice and Teenagers.by creativepie
A love story loosely based on Austen's classic but set in the modern day with a teenage cast.
  • austen
  • teenage
  • romance
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High  ⊰ Loki ⅹ Darcy ⊱ by infinityhaze
High ⊰ Loki ⅹ Darcy ⊱by ♾️ Infinity ♾️
❝ Loki, the prince of Asgard. Odinson. Rightful king of Jotunheim. The God of Mischief. The trickster God with a hint of a cold secret. Darcy Lewis, crazy, weird, intel...
  • thorodinson
  • rdj
  • steverogers
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Lost in Austen: Reborn by TK_Khan
Lost in Austen: Rebornby TK Khan
"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in ownership of her life must be in want of a husband. However little known the feelings or views of su...
  • historicalromance
  • keiraknightley
  • fantasy
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Cardboard Hearts by nikegirl33
Cardboard Heartsby Lauren ☺
Darcy Andrews is a young first grade teacher. She as manly been single all of her life because of her uneasiness around men. She never really struggled in life until one...
  • wolf
  • obsessed
  • darcy
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Olivia || Thor Odinson by cocastyle
Olivia || Thor Odinsonby kayla
"Please believe me, don't you see The things you mean to me? Oh, I love you, I love you I love, I love, I love Olivi...
  • love
  • gods
  • odinson
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The Price of Happiness by anakinpadmeforlife
The Price of Happinessby anakinpadmeforlife
What if Mr. Darcy was more determined to have Elizabeth? No matter the price? What if Lydia's situation forced Elizabeth to accept his advances? Will Elizabeth's prej...
  • fitzwilliam
  • elizabeth
  • prideandprejudice
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Mute Love (Narry Mpreg) by SarahHoran587
Mute Love (Narry Mpreg)by Sarah
Niall the hurt mute boy that blocks everyone out to try and protect himself from the monster behind locked doors. Harry the hot popular kind boy that tries to help and...
  • liampayne
  • boyxboy
  • niallhoran
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He Lied | Harry Styles by Young_Directioners
He Lied | Harry Stylesby Writers of Mischief
"When you're young, everything feels like the end of the world. But it's not, it's just the beginning." We were ruined after I left her alone. She was clueless...
  • styles
  • one
  • niall
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Valtor's Lover [ON HIATUS] by crystipup
Valtor's Lover [ON HIATUS]by Scarlet Mira
I don't own Winx Club. Only Flame and Flare. And this story, of course. This story is how Valtor fell in love with a princess. The princess of Domino, to be exact. Which...
  • trix
  • winxclub
  • musa
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Something More by Pleasant8
Something Moreby ValkyrieRider
He's found in a Hydra lab by none other than the Avengers. What could possibly go wrong?
  • stephenstrange
  • clintbarton
  • thor
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Winx Club - Prisoner of the Trix (Book 1)(#Wattys2018) by IcyDarcyStormyTrix
Winx Club - Prisoner of the Trix (...by Owlflame
"Hundreds of voices in my head . . . but the loudest is begging to die." Prisoner \pri-zen-er\ n : a person deprived of liberty On a night that should not have...
  • musa
  • stormy
  • stella
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Pride, Prejudice, and Sinful Pleasures by littlekiwi98
Pride, Prejudice, and Sinful Pleas...by littlekiwi98
Erotic fan fiction based off of Jane Austen's beloved novel "Pride and Prejudice"
  • pleasure
  • fiction
  • collins
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Her Husband's Affection: A Pride & Prejudice Sensual Variation by CoraAston
Her Husband's Affection: A Pride...by Cora Aston
Why has Darcy distanced himself from Elizabeth? She demands her husband confide in her...or risk the happiness of their union. The months following the birth of their fi...
  • regency
  • regency-england
  • janeausten
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Broken Memories ° THOR ODINSON by smolderholders
Broken Memories ° THOR ODINSONby spider-cop
❝assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories.❞ [thor odinson x eliza goodwin] [thor] [completed] [beautiful cover by @caesteckers]
  • thor
  • darcy
  • tomhiddleston
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Pride and Prejudice by OldTexts
Pride and Prejudiceby OldTexts
Written by Jane Austen and published in 1813.
  • famous
  • classicauthors
  • timeless
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