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It'd been hours since the vehicle we were captivated in finally came to a halt. None of us had even murmured since Esree's outburst and I didn't even bother to take a glance at her, in fear she'd attempt to rip my head off because she truly seemed that angry. I was sceptical about her now, the thought of her feeling such hatred towards me proving to make me more uncomfortable than I could ever realise because even though she was slightly right, none of this was my choice. I didn't ask to be kidnapped, taken from my family and forced into a world of vampires. That wasn't my decision and neither was Elias purchasing me from the auction, that was his solely, therefore this was all his fault. However, my feelings for him were stronger than ever, therefore I couldn't truly blame him and I refused to because if he didn't, I would of never met him.

I felt a sudden pang of fear creep up faster than I could digest as I sat still, awaiting the doors to open. Elias had his head down, blood still plastered across his body and skin, drying by the hour. I looked down at my arms and noticed dry blood crusting against my wounds, glass still wedged in tight in different areas, Elias's source of blood wearing off as the pain began to seep through into my nerves. I could tolerate it though, for now at least whilst the adrenaline was still coursing through my veins. I took a quick glance over to Esree, who also had her eyes fixated sharp onto the dirty floor, both speechless and mute as I sat uncomfortably, feeling my legs shake with anxiety. What was taking them so long? 

Then it happened, Elias picked his eyes up to focus solely on me, entrancing me instantly as I felt myself falling into his gaze, fixated on his beauty as I studied the ruby red encircling his eyes. His pureblood hadn't settled, still roaming the surface as though any second he'd arise, ready to fight Elias's battles. I felt my mouth go dry at his expression, paining me deeply as I scanned the defeat plastered to his face. I wanted to embrace him and slap him all at the same time, he couldn't give up now and the way he was looking at me stated just that. I believed in him damn it, didn't he believe in him too? I sucked in my lip with my teeth, trying to distract myself from releasing the threatening tear as I swallowed hard, feeling my lips tremble against my restraint. This only hardened his expression as he tore his gaze from me harshly, refusing to acknowledge my pain as I burned holes in the side of his head. "Please don't give up." I whispered softly, all pain and emotion I have ever felt enlacing my words as my throat ran dry. I watched Elias's throat convulse gently as he swallowed, tensing his jaw as he tried to block out my voice. Why was he ignoring me?

My soon to follow words were interrupted from the rustling of the outside door, indicating they were picking the locks as we all sat in waiting. I was nervous, in fact, that was an almighty understatement because I felt as though my stomach was doing summersaults.

The darkness in the van was instantly diminished, our surroundings quickly illuminating with light as I squinted against the harshness, feeling my eyes burn as they tried to focus. I continued to blink as I took in the men stood in front of the van, approximately eight as I quickly tried to count. All had dark sunglasses concealing their eyes and again dressed like the others, in a royal black suit. "Get up, all of you." A deep voice grumbled whilst giving an order. I quickly stood up, not hesitating as I complied, not wanting to give them a reason to kill me directly on the spot, which I knew they really could do. I couldn't really tell who they were all looking at as they all stood directly in front of us, one finally deciding to jump up and join us. My blood ran cold as I chewed at my lip, silently praying they would be humane to me as the man stopped in front of me. He towered over my small frame, humiliating me all the more as he forced a squeal of horror to pass my lips as he roughly tangled his hand in my hair and pulled hard, forcing me to my knees. Elias snapped his head up, baring sharp fangs as he hissed, instantly the red twirling through his eyes becoming purer as he let out a deadly, threatening growl. I felt the roots tear from my head as the man pulled harder with his inhumane strength, purposely harming me in front of Elias as he let out a low chuckle.  He was a fool, a mighty fool, underestimating the strength Elias possessed because within seconds, the shackles restraining Elias's wrists panged to the floor with a thud, indicating his release. Positioned directly smack bam in the centre of the gunfire, I cowered to the floor, not missing the fearful look Esree had plastered to her face as she wiggled herself into the corner of the van where I'd currently been sat.

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