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I'm so so sorry guys, I'm a bad person! One for taking so ridiculously long to update, and second for accidentally publishing this chapter in my stupid attempt of just saving my draft! It wasn't ready and was a total accident, you can all officially breathe this is chapter 33!! 😉 anyway, hope you enjoy, comments and votes as you all so wonderfully do!:)

"Darcy-" Theo interjected, forcing a sense of uneasiness to crash upon me. Sucking in a sharp breath, I peered up at Theo and let my hands drop to my sides. "There's something you should know.."

I couldn't deny the pang of worry that shimmered through me, something I should know? What on earth was that supposed to mean? All there was to know was that my undeniable urge to taste Theo's lips was overwhelming and he was dragging this out. Theo's sudden dark enlaced eyes narrowed in on mine as he began to scan a fiery path along my face. "Your feelings, for Elias- for me-" he breathed out, somewhat distressed and agitated as his body tensed above me. "-is an emotion brought on by our species. Technically speaking, you're our prey, to entice you automatically you overload with a sense of desire- truly and utterly bound to us, because that's just the way you're supposed to feel. Your feelings now, with my blood soothing yours, are untrue- tainted, you don't feel this way, Darcy and that is why I can not- I won't, kiss you."

My heart was pulsing firmly, audible and loud to Theo as his eyes trailed down to the top of my breasts, fascinated and fixated as he swallowed hard, his jaw tense and strong. Truth was, I didn't believe him although in a way, it did somehow make sense. It explained my need for Elias's attention and my sudden craving to pounce on Theo, but I refused to believe this. My want for Theo could perhaps be a little influenced by his blood circling my veins and his origin being a Pureblood, however, this didn't change my attraction to him and he needed to know this.

"No!" I barked, annoyed and frustrated at his ignorance. "You're the only man I've ever met to truly treat me with the upmost respect, you've given me my freedom, you saved me from my death, Theo. Do you really think that stands for nothing? Truth is, you send my heart racing every time I catch you staring at me because I believe that you believe I'm beautiful and no one has ever shown so much interest in me before. I'm plain, boring but you don't see that, you want me and you want my attention and I won't put my feelings down to just, well, that!"

I was breathless and no doubt tomato faced, however, I believed I delivered my point to justice and made sure it was clearly sent across to him. However, as I was pouring my heart out Theo hadn't once locked his gaze with mine, instead, he lingered on my neck and this was off putting. Wasn't he going to reply?

Why isn't he replying?

I was growing frustrated by the second and couldn't control my temper as I opened my mouth to unleash fury. Just as I was about to speak my mind, Theo kicked into high alert and with as little to none warning, his lips pressed firmly against mine, capturing them in a lock for battle as he tangled his right hand into my hair. My skin prickled with goosebumps, from his touch to the soft texture lining his lips as he introduced his tongue to mine, circling and taunting as he sucked hard. I was breathless and light headed but it was as though Theo had a sudden change in personality, as though lust was taking over him but I was in no mindset to protest. Suddenly his fingers tangled amongst my hair and he pulled hard, revealing the hard pulse beating continuously in the off centre of my neck, it was calling him, I knew this. Gently opening my eyes, I absorbed the tainted black coating his eyes, a ruthless black hole screaming nothing but danger and darkness. But I didn't fear Theo, nothing about him brought panic to me, I knew he could control himself. This was the first time Theo willingly revealed his Pureblood to me and that alone shon with self control. There was no other reason as to why Theo managed to become ruler of the court, they wouldn't allow this if Theo was as ruthless as Elias.

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