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My pulse was beating at a pace so eradicate that my vision eventually began to morph into something almost similar to a canvas of blurs, crumbling to pieces as I squinted hard, focusing solidly on Elias's deep pools of blue orbs. The darkness disguised him immensely, I could feel the intense heat radiating from his body, somewhat confused because Elias was rarely ever warm. Something was wrong, I knew it. Elias's pureblood had now settled and therefore meant Elias was thinking straight, well, sort of.

"You intentionally went about to hurt me?"

I felt my heart sink in realisation to his words, feeling guilt consume and pile on me as I bit my lip, sucking hard as I rested my head back onto my pillow. How could I explain to a vampire with the tolerance of a bear? It took mere nothing to rile up his anger and I knew, however I went about to make amends, it was all going to take one dark route.

"You ordered me dead, Elias." I kept my voice strong and tried my best to conceal the terror laced against my tongue. Elias was deadly, he'd proven that time and time again when provoked and I didn't quite know his limits. Would he truly harm me? "-I was upset and hurting, he was the only one there, it meant nothing-"

It seemed my poor attempts of reasoning was only antagonising him further because I wasn't prepared for the terrifying outburst he was seconds from unleashing. With a sharp squeal of horror I quickly brought my legs up in attempt to distance my body from his, hearing the very audible crack sound through the walls as he delivered a swift, solid blow to the wall beside him. I was freaking out. Another scream of horror flew from my lips as two firm hands circled around my ankles, effortlessly sliding me down the bed to regain my original position. I couldn't breathe and I certainly couldn't think straight. His body soon after pressed into mine, his hands capturing my wrists and holding them high above my head, silencing my pathetic attempts of self defence as I thrashed underneath him, begging him to stop hurting me, obviously not aware of his own strength. "Shut up." He growled harshly, his words dripping with hate and threat as his breath tingled against my ear. I stopped immediately. Not knowing how to disobey this man, being so truly captivated that I felt I'd probably leap off a cliff if he asked me to. "-you want another man, Darcy?"

Seconds passed and I laid there, unsure of whether his question was truly out of curiosity or that of a rhetorical manner. I swallowed hard, trying to ignore the heaviness pressing into my gut, limiting my oxygen intake as I stared into the never ending darkness above me. I groaned inwardly as he dug his fingers into my wrists, urging me to answer. "No!" I finally spat out, growing frustrated by the second with his childish behaviour. "-I never did, dammit!"

I was playing a very dangerous game, any one knew that provoking a beast could never end well, yet I couldn't help my outburst when it came to Elias, he truly frustrated me sometimes!

I could feel my eyes widen in despair as he released one of my wrists, his free hand snaking its way around the small of my throat, teasingly lingering as he pressed his lips against my ear for a second time. "Use that tone with me again, little Darcy."

The temptation was oh so desirable, but I couldn't, I wasn't that brave and I certainly didn't obtain a death wish. I shut my eyes tight, feeling my skin trickle with goosebumps as he breathed deeply besides my ear. "You've disappointed me."

If I hadn't felt this bad before, he made sure I did now because it was as though he'd very slowly, tauntingly, drained a whole bucket of ice cold water over my head, soaking me until I'd felt every last drop. I didn't know how to respond and I felt as though a large black hole had situated itself into my gut, devouring me by the second. I'd hurt him, I never meant to hurt him.

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