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I sighed groggily into the plush quilt encircling my warm skin. Surprisingly, I'd managed to get myself into a hopeless, tangled mess with the covers. I had never slept in such a luxury bed before; the mattress must of been made out of some extremely high quality foam. "Don't hurt her Elias." I heard a muffled voice come from outside the room, of which I was too lost in sleep to fully process. "She's sleeping- just leave her be!"

"Go Esree, Father would tear you apart if he knew you still had possession of her."

"As he will you, Elias!"

The pronunciation of his name had me stirring out of my slumber and crumbling- no- hurling into reality as I pried an eye open, unsure of whether it was night or light out due to the lack of windows the room provided which meant the room was filled with darkness anyhow. My heavy eyelids told me I hadn't been asleep for long for I couldn't even open them, the force of fatigue was that powerful. I groaned into the pillow, debating whether or not I should awake and hide or go back to sleep and try and get as much rest as I could before I died a brutal death.

My senses told me it was already too late because the the gentle click of the door had my nerves on overdrive. Either Elias obliged to his sister and decided to leave me be or it was his presence standing in the very room I was pretending to be asleep in. I always was such a dreadful actor and to be forced to pretend to sleep was very overpowering and quite frankly, I think I was doing an awful job. A small nerve in my leg had my feet twitching, my leg slowly shaking as I tried to push my way through my nerves. If it wasn't that obvious sign that gave it away, it would of been the frantic acceleration of my pulse of which I'm sure was audible from across the room.

"Such conflict you have brought this family and yet you're just a mere human."

I felt fury bubble up inside at the acknowledgement of his words, I didn't exactly ask to be kidnapped and sold. I didn't want any of this, that hardly made it my fault. Then it crossed my mind, he was luring me into a trap, trying to trick me into waking, perhaps to see if I was faking. Which I was. I clenched my eyes harder at the sound of heavy footsteps, it was then his scent hit me with an intoxicating wave, forcing my nerves to quadruple. I squirmed under the covers, not pleased with the situation I had wiggled my way into, I should of just got up and hid, perhaps I would of had greater odds in my favour.

"There's just something about you-" I froze at the sudden contact of a warm finger gliding softly down my left arm, a trail of goosebumps springing to life from the fuzzy sensation. "-you have such sensitive skin, you react so strangely."

It was clear he knew I was faking but I'd be damned if I gave up my cover yet, not with him being so close, I felt the obligation to hold out my safety net as long as I possibly could, for my sake. "I can hear your quickening pulse, little Darcy, you're as very much awake as I am sleeping."

I let out a squeal of shock at the sudden closeness of his voice, his breath tickling the small of my ear as he leaned in close, his weight suddenly dipping the bed down forcing my body to ease into him. I didn't want to play anymore. With quick reflexes, I attempted to leap up out of the bed only to collide with a solid arm, forcing my body to spring back down into my original sleeping position. "Let me go!" I shrieked, my eyes darting to my surroundings as I shoved at the arm, pressing with as much strength as I could muster. It was truly hopeless, he budged as much as I could move a lorry, it was impossible. I sighed in defeat, regaining my breath as I kept both of my hands wrapped firmly around his thick arm, anything to put distance between us.

I slowly turned to face him, the darkness from the room shadowing his face even more as I could just briefly make out his outline. The fact that I couldn't see his face only infuriated me more, and with a quick motion I brought my hand up and reached for his hood, the plush material creasing in my fingers as I ripped it down. Surprisingly, he didn't make a move of protest and allowed me to reveal his cover- of which I still didn't get to see as within seconds, I was pressed under his body, his weight like a ton of bricks as I shrieked in terror beneath him. Two thick legs rested tight beside mine, the quilt sandwiched between us and soon enough my wrists were captivated and held high above my head with one of his hands. "Give up, damn it!" He hissed, annoyance clear in his tone as he curled his fingers deep into my small wrists, causing me to flinch under him and wiggle in pain. "Why are you so persistent?" He growled, the soft strands of his hair brushed against my face as he rested his head in my neck. It was a tender action; if it were from any other. "Why do you want to see me so badly?"

Truth is, it was something I couldn't answer because I didn't consume the knowledge to do so as quite frankly, I didn't know and it very much bothered me. Why did I care?

Why was it any concern of mine if he wished to remain concealed by a hood? That had zero effect on me, he knew it, I knew it.

"You were a mistake!"

I flinched at the sudden tone he spat against me, I was a mistake? "What do you mean?" My voice came out more frail than I would of preferred.

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head as I felt soft, tender lips press against the side of my throat. The action took me by surprise and in turn, my body froze like an ice cube, scared that if I made an attempt to flee it would urge him further. "What are you doing?" I gasped in horror, feeling another press of his lips further down my throat towards my fluttering chest. A heavy pulse pounded frantically between us and I wasn't entirely sure, but I assumed it was mine.

"Hush." He silenced me, his finger gliding over my lips and pressing hard against them. I obliged, breathing heavily under his weight. "Elijah-" he began, gliding his teeth down my skin in a swift and harsh motion forcing a cry of sensation to pass my lips. I could feel heat gathering in my cheeks and I wanted so badly to be dumped in an iced bath. "-I was wrong, he wasn't right to protect you. I shouldn't of assumed, I misjudged the length of his weakness."

I could only just grasp the concept of his words, I was finding it difficult to keep my mind off the awakening sensations and keep it focused on his moving lips. "I still don't understand."

As though refusing to acknowledge my words, he continued as though I hadn't said a thing. I could feel his face inches from mine as he lifted up his head, his breath feathering my lips as he sucked in sharply. "I really don't know quite what to do with you. I haven't worked out if you are worth keeping, you are after all, very disobedient."

I scoffed beneath him, unable to control my outburst as I scoffed again, being very un-lady like and rude. He most definite deserved it. "Disobedient?" I repeated in disbelief, feeling the temperature within me rise considerably. I tugged against his restraint, refusing to lay down like some captive puppy. "I was kidnapped-" I began, feeling a low hum of disapproval stir in his chest. "-sold, starved for a week, introduced to freaking vampires and
and now you have the cheek to refer to me as disobedient?"

"Come on." I sucked in a sharp breath at the huskiness of his tone, his voice was unbelievably low and made him all the more terrifying. "I've made up my mind."

I felt the cold nip at my bare skin, from my legs to my arms and soon enough I had goosebumps prickling at my cheeks. With the room being so dark, I had no way of knowing there was a bedside table beside me so when Elias tugged me out of the bed, with a very loud yelp of awareness, I knocked two of my smaller toes on the solid piece of wood.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow- for goodness sake, ow!" I let my body fall down onto the bed as I tugged my wrist from Elias's hand of which he didn't protest. I quickly pulled my throbbing toes into my lap and bit my lip, trying to think of nice memories until the pain subsided. A dark chuckle rumbled through the room and it didn't take a genius to know it was directed at me. I let out a well exaggerated sob as I tried to wiggle my toes- the pain really was quite horrendous.

With an unexpected sense of surreality, a set of teeth latched around my two small injured toes, now consumed with moisture and heat. I shrieked, staring wide eyed into the darkness at the sudden foreign feeling. "What are you doing?" I gasped, in sheer shock at the strange action, any other male and I would of been cringing with disgust, but Elias? A sudden flick of his tongue had the nerves in my toes tingling, had every nerve in my body fuzzing with alertness. I latched my teeth into my lip, anything to try and restrain the powerful moan building inside. I prayed he would let go- but the death grip he had against my ankle and foot made that very, very unlikely. I let my body fall back, crumbling in defeat as I brought a pillow to my face, finally being able to release the built up noise lodged well into my throat. I attempted to yank my foot back but shrilled in surprise at the grazing of his teeth, not in the least gentle against my sore toes but it only ignited peculiar sensations. Doubt started to cloud in my mind, Elias a part of that cloud as the little men in my head still remained focused on figuring the strange man out.

"Stop-" I broke out, flinging the pillow from over my head in the direction of which I presumed Elias was positioned in. To my sheer and utter relief, he released my toes from his mouth and with quick reflexes, I pulled my feet up and tucked them underneath my body, refusing to have them taken advantage of again.

"Did you just-" he paused, his voice devilishly low. "-throw a pillow at me?"

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