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It was dark out and the moon was raised high in the sky, illuminating light in every shadow and alley way. The cold was fierce however, Esree's clothes were a little tight on my skin so we settled for a loose fitted dress, of which didn't particuarly matter if it wasn't truly my size anyway.

Elias was quiet and once again expressionless as we finished tugging the bags out from inside of the house. The house was fairly small yet beautiful nonetheless, however, the surrounding was eerie and cold and it seemed as though there wasn't any houses for miles.

I shivered violently, feeling my lips pale and skin tighten as I watched Elias transport the bags into the boot of his sleek black car, of which blended immaculately into the darkness of the night. I knew it was the beginning of January, it was extremely cold but I was thankful for the lack of snow. Elias quietly shut the door of the boot, throwing a glance my way as he ushered for me and Esree to get in. I pressed my feet, clothed with Esree's socks, against the ice cold floor and paused when I reached the passenger side. I bit my lip, side glancing Esree as she stared at me questionably. "Do you want to sit in the front?" I asked, feeling it to be rude and impolite to just usher my way into the front seat, it wasn't my car and Esree was his sister after all, whether she was younger than me or not. Esree smiled warmly and shook her head, settling herself into the back seat of the car.

I bucked myself in and almost smothered Elias in kisses as I felt the heating in the car turn up to high, swarming the car with a beautiful heat that felt like a cosy blanket being wrapped around my skin. I sent an appreciative grin in Elias's direction as he returned my gaze, his slight smile proving somewhat satisfied of my warmth and he started the car, driving with no head lights.

"I can see fine, Darcy."

I gaped unattractively at Elias as he retorted to my unspoken thoughts. Frowning at him it annoyance, I shrugged off my temper and rested my head back, glad we were finally getting out of here, or trying at least. "This is a bad plan Elias, I just know it." Esree mumbled grumpily behind me, she truly wasn't fond of living with my kind but I knew it was all for the safety of herself and her brother and as much as I wanted to protest against her, I had to understand that.

"It's our only option, you know this." He replied, his voice monotone and blunt as he replied to his sister, clearly not up for any more debates on the worn out subject. Esree hadn't quietened down on the idea the entire time we were waiting for night to arise, it was quite tiring and old and I didn't really blame his attitude towards her for it. "-there's no way we can show our face here again, no other Coven will take us and even if they did, they wouldn't hesitate to assist our capture. So drop it." 

Esree didn't respond and I had a slight feeling she was sulking, or perhaps that is just something I would of done if it was I Elias was speaking to. I let out a breath, suddenly finding it hard to breathe whilst being consumed with so much heat. I groaned, panting ridiculously as I pressed the window button, inhaling fresh, clean air as I moaned in approval. I didn't miss Elias's look of confusion as he watched me. I ignored him and relished the fresh air, quickly doing up the window before I was consumed with goosebumps once more. My skin couldn't take any more pain.

"How long now?" I mumbled carelessly, my feet resting awkwardly up on the dashboard, getting its own supply of warm air as I rested my head back, closing my eyes peacefully.

"You ask that every ten minutes, Darcy." Esree retorted, her voice annoyed yet amused all the while. I scowled inwardly, why couldn't these vampires just answer my questions? Must they always waste their breath on criticising me when they could have simply used their voice to tell me what I wanted to hear?  

The silence in the car enhanced the sound of my rumbling stomach as it released a loud growl, indicating its lack of food as I widened my eyes, absoloutely mortified. Elias shot me a look through narrowed eyes as he instantly swerved the car to the left, jerking me in my seat, forcing my face to face plant the window painfully. "For goodness sake!" I cursed loudly, my face throbbing violently as I pulled down the sunscreen, switching on the light as I inspected my bruised face in the small mirror.

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