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"I'm sorry," I said, mentally going over his words, fighting the urge to ignore his insane speech and rip the tray of food from his lap and demolish the entire plate, but I had to remain focused. "What did you just say?"

He couldn't be serious, he was most definitely jesting with me, he had to be, right? I was mind blown by the surreality, it was a cruel prank, one that needed to be revealed, fast.

The intensity of his expression had me squirming on the spot, the evil, sadistic smirk hanging from his lips had me staring, dumbfounded. "Indeed, I was informed of your virginity, excuse my manners Darcy, it skipped my mind."

The very blank mask he'd seemingly managed to master had cunningly crept its way back to his face again, for his expressionless features had me once more doubting his words. If he knew what was good for him, he would stop stringing me along. I couldn't sense whether or not his seriousness was genuine or fake.

Quite frankly, it bothered me.


Our eyes locked for the hundredth time, battling a war for unknown victory, mesmerised by the dark, hooded orbs pinning my gaze. He was yearning for me to dare him, to give him a reason to taunt me that little bit further. Ever so slowly, for the hundredth time, I brought my tongue out to wet the dryness of my seemingly sore lips, distracting him greatly as the room remained silent.

"You're truly magnificent." His words floated out in a husky breath, trapping my gaze, forcing my eyes to take their time in wandering over his face. From the thick, dark strands softly feathering his forehead to the ever so slight shadow of a newly growing beard. "The sound of your pulse,"

I squealed, remaining deadly still as he inched closer in his chair. His lips were so hauntingly close, I could feel the faint warm air from his breathing wave over my cheek as I refrained from inhaling, sharply. I bit the inside of my lip, my heart beating like a frantic bird trying to escape its cage whilst being taunted by its prey. My breathing was shaky as he brought his hand up, gently removing stray hairs from the side of my face, anything that blocked his view from observing and unraveling every flaw my skin had to offer.

I could feel the growing heat soaring in my cheeks at the rude audacity he was portraying, not once breaking the unbreakable gaze. "Stop looking at me." I said, shaking away his lingering hand. Within seconds his face dropped, taking me with surprise at the annoyance flooding through his eyes. Immediately, I was smothered in regret. Perhaps it was his expression that bothered me the most, or be it the darkness that had coated his orbs, pinning me with an invisible hold.

"Do you listen to a thing I say?" He questioned, rising from the chair in a dramatic motion, as though preparing to unleash fury. My eyes widened in fear, feeling the palms of my hands go sweaty at just the sight of him. "Didn't I tell you to respect me?"

I thought carefully, trying to piece together a miraculous plan that would hopefully save my life. I wiggled to the other side of the chair, quickly hopping off so an obstacle remained between us. I contemplated apologising but I knew it would have little affect on his raging temper.

So with that in mind, I did the very thing human nature blessed me with in times of panic, I fled.

My bare feet padded against the plush carpet as my trembling fingers hastily reached out for the door knob, turning it frantically as I fought the urge to steal a glance behind me to cheat on his position. It was obvious he allowed me the upper hand because it didn't take much to catch up with my pathetic speed.

I swallowed down my squeal of panic as I quickly took in my surroundings. The hallway had been decorated in a deep red, a long corridor to my left and a long corridor to my right.

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