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"I'll hold off- for now, at least until I can conjure a more worthy plan, you both are right, it was foolish of me to even think of leaving you two alone." 

I hadn't even realised I was holding my breath until I felt an intense relief in my lungs as I exhaled. I bit my lip, failing to conceal my relief as I stared up at him, smiling ridiculously. His face remained hardened at my giddy expression and I saw his blue eyes darken shamelessly. "Your beauty is the purest I've yet to lay eyes on, how could one so innocent be exposed to such jeopardy?" He murmured questionably, his eyes glazing over as he kneeled in front of me, taking my head in his warm hands as he brushed the tips of his fingers along my cheeks. "I'm sorry, Darcy."

I was seconds from questioning his peculiar choice of words when an almighty sense of commotion sounded from outside of the room. "Elias! Elias go!"

My body froze, Elias's froze. Words couldn't describe the terror of which absorbed into my nerves, it sent my body into a panic and I couldn't even get a glimpse of Elias's emotions because within seconds, he had my body behind his in a protective manner.

"Fuck." It was one of the rare times I'd heard Elias curse and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I didn't like the fact we were both in this situation and I knew by Elias's reaction that whoever had invaded, wasn't invited and quite frankly, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fearing for my life. I indulged myself into the back of Elias's shirt, refusing to take a peek at our intruder as the door protecting us from them was forcefully ripped off its hinges. I could feel my fingers trembling and none of us missed the terror filled scream from a missing Esree. I knew Elias was in a hard predicament, it was me or her and I didn't want to make him choose, I couldn't. His back muscles were exposed through his shirt, tensed and firm, I could feel them shaking. His pureblood was seconds from arising and I knew it was bad; no one could find out because Elias was technically forbidden, one hint of his secret and he wouldn't stand a chance, I was made clear of this.

"Elias Sinclair, I believe?"

I felt my eyes widen is despair, what could I do? Nothing, in that situation, would of made things any better and I was best to refrain from interfering. "It seems your presence has remained in secrecy from the council and people, you know an unregistered vampire is a form of treason?"

I let my hands curl into Elias's back, resting my forehead on the dip in his back, feeling his nerves relax a little against my touch. I wanted to protect him, I knew they were going to take him away from me and heavens knows the consequences for me.

"Perhaps you should take these matters up with the King?" Elias spoke smoothly, his questioning manner confident and dark.

A deep chuckle had my ears cowering and knees buckling, whoever this man was, he didn't seem like a friendly soul. I remained eerily still, almost to the point I was limiting my oxygen, simply because I thought perhaps they would be able to hear my dramatic inhales and give away my presence.

"What King?"

It was two words. Two words of which me and Elias knew exactly the meaning he spoke them in. What king? It was obvious, clear as day, there was no more king, these men had made sure of it. For a very strange and unknown reason, goosebumps prickled aggressively up my sensitive skin, swarming over my cheeks in painful waves as I bit my lip, clinging to Elias's shirt harder.

"My Father, he is the man you seek." Elias's tone of speaking was ridiculously formal and I couldn't help but feel my attraction towards him intensify all the more, I found it sexy and enticing, at the worst of times. Despite knowing what the man meant, Elias prodded further, playing at his game until he was going to be given a straight up answer, where was the King?

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