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She was astonishingly beautiful, and very much resembled that of perhaps a Disney character. Snow White maybe, her hair shone worthy enough, she just lacked the White pigment in her skin.

Gaping wide mouthed at her, I continued to chomp on my pasta, deciding to quit drooling into my lap and looking a fool. I looked between her and Theo, of whom still continued to master a neutral expression, somewhat at calm with the situation. At his service? What on earth did that mean? I often thought the worst of things of which always happened to be so innocent, so I decided to remain at ease and awaited Theo's explanation. Theo picked himself up off the chair beside me and cleared his throat. I watched his muscles flex as he neared the female, who hadn't muttered another word as she slowly caught on the awkward silence train circling the room.

"Sophie, I told you, the house didn't need cleaning today."

Sophie, suddenly accompanied an extremely confused expression as she frowned her way over at Theo. I watched between the two and found myself shrinking smaller and smaller into my chair. This was very awkward and for what, I didn't quite know yet.

"I-" she bit her lip and paused, running her hand through her healthy raven hair as it cascaded down her back in gentle waves, now ruffled and messy. "-I'm sorry, Sir Theo, I will come back tomorrow?" She spoke slowly, as if unsure as she warily eyed him. Sir Theo? Both of them shared an intense few seconds before Theo finally spoke up, tearing the poor girl from her misery.

"That'll be perfect." Was all he responded and with that, she took her cue to leave and turned on her heel. However, this wasn't before leaving a lingering look in my direction, consuming my persona as she curiously studied me. To say I was uncomfortable would of been an almighty understatement.

"So.." I trailed off, prodding at my food as I felt an overwhelming force of fullness pool in my tummy. From lack of food, my stomach must of shrunk to almost 3/4 it's normal size and I was certainly feeling the effect it had on me. I'd definitely ate too much. "-who was that?"

"Just a cleaner, Darcy, she comes round sometimes as I'm often not here to upkeep this house as regular as it should."

His tone held nothing but sincerity and he gave me nothing to doubt him on, so with an understanding nod, I decided to let the girl situation go.

"Well I suppose, with me here now, you'll no longer need a maid?"

Theo immediately sent me a look of absurdity, his expression alarming and horror struck as he frowned at me. "I didn't bring you here to be my maid, or offer any kind of service but to be in my company, Darcy. Please don't think I expect anything of the sort from you."

I felt my heart warm at the tenderness that leaked from this man, he truly was one of another kind. I smiled softly and rose from my chair. "Don't be silly, it'll be my pleasure, I need something to occupy me when you're gone after all."

Theo refused to talk anymore about the subject and the more I studied him, the more he seemed to become somewhat agitated. Was it something I said?

"Go upstairs and bathe, keep your wounds out from the water."

I didn't miss the hostile tone lacing his words as he ushered me out from his presence. It almost felt as though I'd been slapped across the face, what did I do?

It's been a few hours since my bath and I'd situated myself in Theo's room, the one of which I awoke in. I'd been out for a day. Elias harmed me so bad that I probably could of almost died, I mean, who stays unconscious for 24 hours?

Letting out a deep sigh, I pressed my back into the mattress and engulfed myself into the silk sheets, feeling my eyelids grow heavier and fatigue wash over me as I drifted off.

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