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I sat baffled at the male crouched before me, with my lips trembling and skin shivering. He isn't going to hurt me. Deep down I did believe this, I needed to believe it because this was Elias, and for once he needed someone to believe in him.

I could feel his heavy breathing feather against my face in inhumane waves, tickling my nose and cheeks. I wanted Elias back now, his pureblood wasn't in the right temperament to be thinking clearly, not like last time, he was entirely different this time round.

"Elias please, we need to leave soon!"

I clenched my teeth as Elias sent an agitated growl in Esree's direction of which she instantly took as the message to quieten down. However, she was probably right, how long until they realised their men hasn't returned? Esree groaned beside me, clearly not all that phased by her brother in pureblood form, I could understand because she has grown up with him, she has obviously witnessed him in this state before.

"He won't hurt you, he would of done it by now, Darcy." I hesitantly tore my gaze from an entranced Elias to Esree, who was staring apologetically. "I need to go pack our things and see where Elijah and Father are, keep him calm."

I was just about to interrupt and beg her to stay when I was silenced by a large body pressing up against mine, Elias swiftly brought his hand out and pushed my chest down, forcing my head to hit the floor with a thud. I groaned, swallowing down the pain as I brought my hands up instinctively, entangling my fingers in Elias's blood stained shirt. I watched his eyes swirl and swirl, the redness throbbing and circling now more than ever. I contemplated talking to him, reasoning with him and pleading him to come back to me but realised Elias was gone. I sucked in a breath, trying to ignore his heavy weight against my lungs as he dragged his teeth down my bare neck. I shivered against the sensation, unable to grasp what was happening. Why was he doing this again? My breathing was raspy and heavy, not quite fond of Elias's heavy hands as he fiercely tugged at my flimsy dress, pulling it down under my breasts, revealing them to the dirty air.

My pulse was racing hard. I used as much strength as I could muster to attempt to push his weight off of me, yet all failed as a throaty growl responded from his throat, halting me instantly. I shut my eyes tight, clasping my teeth over my lower lip as he took a tender spot of my skin, just above my chest, into his teeth and began to suck hard. He was consumed with lust, and nothing about him was gentle. However, the problem I was most concerned about was the fact that I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted this or not because quite frankly, he was making me feel good but it was all so terribly wrong.

I felt the moist touch of his tongue trail heat down my chest between my breasts, sucking and teasing, leaving marks for sure. I breathed in a moan, nearly choking on a gasp as he tore my dress down the middle, a worrying rip of material sounding through the room.

I couldn't work out what was most worse, the fact that eleven dead men were scattering the floor or the amount of blood we were lying in but I knew that I should feel repulsed. Yet, I didn't. I didn't because as soon as Elias touched me all judgement and worries were clouded and I felt hypnotised and I simply couldn't get enough of him.

"Stop Elias." I breathed, a throaty moan passing my lips as he dragged his lips down my bare stomach whilst holding my body still with a little too much force than necessary. I was naked under a vampire, a ruthless pureblood and the vulnerability seeping out of me was enough to make me faint. Esree needed to stop leaving me in these situations.

I winced, feeling the small of his nails arch into my skin, no doubt drawing blood as he nipped at my most sensitive parts. I trembled beneath him, trying to consume my feelings as I curled into him, silently praying he wouldn't go lower. "Elias stop now!" My voice was a little louder this time round and definitely more firmer, all in attempt to grasp his attention and attempt to snap him out of his daze. I almost squealed as with firm hands, he clasped his fingers around my knees and yanked them apart, with my muscles protesting against the foreign stretch. I almost sobbed, feeling my muscles tear as he slammed my knees to the ground, as far apart as they'd go, revealing me in all my glory. Then I struggled.

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