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When I woke, it was as though I wasn't in complete control of my body, almost as though I was lucid dreaming. Awake, but well, not. With heavy eye lids, I let out a fatigued groan and gently pried open my eyes, blinking repeatedly to focus my vision. Royal blue sheets surrounded my skin, disguising my body as I lay deadly still in the midst. However, the more I enhanced the feeling, the more I realised the silk wasn't quite touching my skin. I was wearing clothes. It was peculiar to think how foreign the feel felt against my body, I almost wanted to shed them immediately and that most certainly wasn't normal. 

My throat felt like razorblades every time I attempted to swallow away the awful taste lingering against my tongue. The more I focused, the sooner I caught on to the throbbing sensation pooling in my neck. My eyes peered down to my wrists, I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, of which the right sleeve had been rolled up to my shoulder. This was due to the silver needle lodged into my wrist. Panic began to alarm as I gawked at the needle, I followed the tube to a drip, standing tall beside the bed. Gently, I clenched my fingers, trying my best to regain feeling as I winced at the pain.

 I was almost certain a drip shouldn't cause this much pain.

With a soft squeal, I harshly pulled at the needle, stripping off the layer of surgical tape keeping the needle in place as I threw it beside me. My eyes were burning with tears but I was just thankful that I wasn't being drugged anymore. My eyes studied the bead of blood bubbling above the very tiny open wound, of which trickled across my arm as I gently raised it. Craning my neck up, I fought through the fatigue enveloping my eyes and scanned the room. It was a very basic room, with average oak wood furniture, nothing at all seemed out of the ordinary. Except I was no longer in the prison, that was fairly obvious. Hovering my fingers over my neck, I gently pressed against the tender area, wincing and regretting it as soon as I laid direct contact over the gauze covering my wound. "Damn." I cursed lowly, seemingly thankful for the protection, as I was almost certain the wound Elias left me with wouldn't of taken long to become infected.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows and eyed the wooden door to my left warily. I'd had a habit of constantly following through wrong decisions, and in return landing myself in very bad predicaments. However, I wasn't going to sit idle and twiddle my thumbs, I hadn't a clue where I was and I was going to find out.

My feet felt weak against the plush white carpet but pushed through nevertheless, and soon enough, the distance between myself and the door minimised and I found my fingertips resting around the door knob. Very reluctantly, but finally self reassured, I quietly ushered open the door and peeked my head through the small gap. I was greeted with a small staircase directly in front of the room I was held in but surrounded by a small hallway, decorated with a few paintings of some very beautiful people. Licking my dry, chapped lips I wiped my hands against the overly large checkered shirt hovering below my knees and sucked in a courageous breath.

My fingers slid a trail down the white painted staircase, wooden flooring enveloping my feet as I shakily trekked my way down, realising I wasn't quite with my senses yet. Scanning around, a front door consumed my vision and a wave of temptation crashed its way over me, so suffocating that I almost found my feet inclining towards my escape. Never had I been so close to freedom before, never had I been granted such opportunity to test my fate in such a long time. However, the more I contemplated, the less I realised how dim that opportunity was becoming, because before I knew it, a voice was summoning my name, ripping my freedom from my grasp.

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