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It was a foul move, it's consequences obviously not standing clear to me as the pillow flew out of my fingertips, hitting Elias miraculously in the face, or that's what I assumed judging by his reaction. It was somewhat clear of the options I could play out and they were as follows.

Play it cool, deny any of such accusations.

Or, stand my ground and admit to such childish antics because after all, he most definitely deserved it.

The darkness wasn't exactly easing the situation for my benefit because I had lost contact with one of my most strongest senses. My sight. I simply could not see him; if I peered hard enough to where I imagined he would be, the dark would illuminate even deeper and I'd be left with nothing but a blur of my imagination. I really wasn't a fan of the dark, even when I was at home I'd always have a small lamp to ease my worries in the night. Now, I'm as vulnerable as a deer in headlights.

"You deserved it, asshole, you can't just do that to me!"

It was too late, my words of sudden and unthought anger had me wrapped up in a web faster than I could blink, it was foolish and my regrettable words had already flown past my lips.

Five seconds, five long, exaggerated seconds was all it took for Elias to react and in return, his thick yet somewhat soft hand had intertwined itself around my throat. My groan of despair came out muffled and tainted as I choked under his grasp. His playful mood had vanished and I was starting to wonder if this man was bipolar. "Stop-" I choked, feeling the blood to my head minimise as seconds passed. Despite the darkness, small, fearful stars started to form in my vision in obvious warning.

"Elias, no!" A small, familiar voice projected on the other side of the room. With a soft flicking sound, light swept miraculously around the room and due to Elias's hand secured viciously around my throat, his face was on clear view as a gasp of terror passed my lips. He was astonishingly beautiful even with the piercing colour of ruby red encircling his orbs, of which I found myself staring deep into, almost as though an unbreakable bond was luring me into them, not allowing me to tear away. His eyes were so unusual, such a strange colour, it was extremely intriguing and it made me wonder if that was why he was so hesitant to reveal his face.

His beauty had my insides turning and heart thumping, I felt intimidated and somewhat plain just staring at him. A thick, lengthy scar ran from the top of his temple, engraved deep into his skin as it flowed down past his chin of which it must of eased off due to the growth of stubble above it, clearly not deep enough to void of scar tissue. Then it ran under his chin of which it disappeared to the odd angle we were positioned in. Realisation suddenly hit him like a heavy plank of wood, his eyes hardened and the red laced between them turned to an even more suffocating shade, evil taking over his face in mere seconds. His grip on my neck vanished completely, forcing a deep intake of oxygen in my lungs as I spluttered hopelessly, regaining my breath seemed almost impossible as I tried to overcome the repercussions of nearly being strangled to death. With a low growl of disapproval and perhaps embarrassment, he turned his body away from me, sharing a look of unknown emotion with his sister as with heavy footsteps, he strolled towards the door, slamming it with sheer aggression behind him.

Esree was over to me in an instant, gently patting my back as I coughed like a idiotic chicken, feeling the blood supply strengthen in my heads. "His eyes-" I whispered in astonishment, my gaze focusing intently on hers to see if I'd missed something. Sure enough, Esree didn't possess red eyes and neither did Elijah so I was by now, insanely confused.

Esree let out a sigh, a frown crossing her features as she gazed passed me, her thoughts captured. "He obviously really didn't want you to see, Darcy. It makes so much more sense now, I don't know how I didn't see it in the beginning."

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