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She hung her head as she trudged home. She had managed to make it through all her classes, but it hadn't been easy. Not in the least.

"Nari!" Someone called her name roughly. She turned around cautiously, ready to run away. It was just Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, and V.

"What do you want?" She asked tiredly. They all looked pitiful. Tired, pale, angry, and weirdly worried.

"You have got to take him back!" Jungkook pleaded.

"I thought you didn't like me." She looked at him blankly.

"I don't! But it doesn't matter! It's for Suga not for me! Take him back!" Jungkook pleaded desperately.

"I can't!" She yelled exasperated. She turned around and continued walking home.

"Why not?" J-Hope yelled angrily.

"I just can't!" She turned to look at them.

"Has it happened to you before?" V asked. She wiped away the angry tears that fell from her eyes.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it has." V nodded thoughtfully and sadly.

"I get it." He murmured.

"What? I don't!" Jimin yelled at him frustrated.

"Of course you wouldn't." She muttered.

"Why can't you take him back? It was just a stupid bet! If you love him you'll take him back, otherwise you're stupid!" Jimin yelled. Anger erupted from her stomach.

"Firstly, who are you to give me advice about relationships? Eunsuh is so blatantly in love with you and you can't even see it! You have no idea what it feels like to have someone you love and trusted to take your heart and just smash it on the ground like it was nothing!" Hot tears sprung from her eyes.

"Eunsuh likes me?" Jimin asked dumbfounded.

"Yes!" She groaned. Jimin looked to V who shrugged. Jimin pointed to himself and mouthed the word me.

"Oh my god! You are so dumb!" She yelled at him.

"That's a fact! What's next?" Jungkook yelled impatiently.

"Secondly, bet? That was no bet! He kissed that girl because he wanted to! Not because of his stupid pride! He was too smart for that..." She trailed off when she heard the compliment in her argument. Jungkook scratched his head nervously.

"Actually it really was a bet."


"The genius Jungkook here bet Suga $20 that he wouldn't kiss the girl. Now Suga didn't bring any money, and as a rule we have no I.O.U.'s. The cheap ass Jimin established that one. So those who don't bring money have to send all their contacts a picture of them with their underwear pulled up on to their head. A freaking stupid rule if you ask me! And that's how it happened. Jungkook basically forced Suga to kiss her. You f**king ass!" V yelled angrily at Jungkook. She had never seen V anything but calm, so this took her by surprise. Jungkook flushed and looked away. V looked back at her,

"I know how s**tty it is to be cheated on. I know it sucks, but he's really sorry."

"That's what the last one said! I can't-I won't let-" She didn't know how to finish.

"This is my fault! Not Suga's! He just didn't want you to see him humiliated like that! The only people Suga cares about are me, Rapmon, Jin, V, J-Hope, Jimin, and you. Mostly you, he beat the s**t out of me over you, great f**king friend. But anyways, I made the bet. It's my fault! Blame me!" Jungkook yelled and pleaded.

"He still decided to take the bet." She murmured and turned around. She wasn't going to let them persuade her.

"Why don't you want him back?" J-Hope screamed at her.

"Don't you see I do?" She looked at them once more.

"I do want him back! I want him with all my heart! But I can't! I can't! I don't want to be hurt again! It's stupid to put myself in that situation again! I hate him for hurting me, but I can't just stop loving him! I just can't put myself through that again." She finished in a whisper.

"I know, and we can't ask you to. I'm just sorry." V looked up at her sadly. She sniffled and turned away.

"Just one more chance? Not even one?" Jimin asked softly. She shook her head and walked on. She would have loved to give him a thousand more chances, but it's not about what she wanted. 

It was about what she needed.



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