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She didn't want to go to school. But she wanted to see Suga. She sighed and leaned against some lockers. Jungkook passed her. He was bruised and beat, but he glared at with her with as much fury as ever. J-Hope snickered and V just looked at her curiously. Jimin held up his hand. She nodded.

"High five?" He asked sweetly. She looked up at him startled.

"Uh. Sure?" She high fived him gently. He smiled.

"See you at lunch gossip girl!" He laughed and walked away. She smiled, he liked her now too. She wasn't sure why, but he did and that was enough for her. Jin turned and joined her.

"Good job on Saturday. Really went well." He muttered.

"What was I supposed to do?" She argued.

"Let it go?" He suggested.

"Anyways, it doesn't matter. I wanted to ask you, is Misook single?"

"Yes she is. And no you may not parade her around like a little trophy, she's sweet, sensitive, and she deserves better, so you better not pull any s**t okay?" She hissed at him.

"I won't. I really like her. I talked to her at lunch the other day, and I can't stop thinking about her. I think I finally understand what Suga meant about you." He smiled, and she blushed.

"Alright, thanks." He waved and left. Suga wasn't there. She sighed and went to her first period. Suga was late she laughed at him when he ran into class breathless. He smiled and took his seat quickly. She suffered through the rest of her periods until lunch.

Jimin replaced J-Hope at their table, and Eunsuh was ecstatic, although Jimin went and sat across from Suga, far away from Eunsuh. Eunsuh scowled at her, and attempted conversation with the oblivious Jimin. Jimin was nice, the more she talked to him. He was just dumb, relationship wise, or just dumb in general. Misook and Jin completely ignored everyone around them and talked intently with each other.

"Jimin, I heard you have a girlfriend." Seungah asked stealthily. She held back a snicker and whispered in Suga's ear.

"Eunsuh's madly in love with Jimin." Suga tried very hard to hold back his fits of laughter.

"But he's so stupid!" He whispered back. She giggled and nodded. She rested her head on his shoulder like always.

"So what happened yesterday?" He asked softly.

"Oh yeah!" Misook reached over and touched her arm.

"Yes?" She lifted her head up.

"How was yesterday?" Misook asked concerned. She shrugged,

"It was fine." Misook nodded, and leaned back.

"What was yesterday?" Jin asked, irritated that she had interrupted his conversation.

"Anniversary." She murmured.

"Jin! I just remembered..." She stopped listening as Misook jabbered on.

"Want to tell me about this anniversary?" Suga asked. She nodded slowly.

"Can we go to the pond?" She looked up at him. He smiled happily and nodded.

"Of course."

"Can we go now?"


Suga was perfect.

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