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She dragged him upstairs. She pushed him into her room, and opened the window.

"You can't be here. I wasn't even supposed to leave today. Can you climb?" The words tumbled out of her mouth.

"Well yeah sure but-" she cut him off.

"Great!" She pushed him towards the window.

"What about my clothes? And my shoes?" He whimpered.

"Jesus!" She tore down stairs and grabbed his shoes.

"I'll get you your clothes later, now go!" He jumped out the window, and slid down the drainage pipe. She heard her mom knock at the door.

"Sorry! Bye!" She whisper-yelled. She waved, and he waved back before running off. She pounded downstairs and flung open the door. Her mother greeted her with a disapproving look, and swung the umbrella in front of her face.

"We went out I see." Her mother stepped in the house.

"No I didn't!" She protested feebly. Her mother pulled her hair.

"Why is your hair wet?" Her mother scoured the room. Her eyes settling on the two cups.

"Was someone here with you!" She erupted. She said nothing, and looked down at her feet. Her mother groaned and went to the bathroom. The clothes.


"Nari." Her mother addressed her calmly, holding Suga's dripping clothes. "Was a boy here with you?" She emphasized boy. Nari said nothing. Her mother sighed. She handed her Suga's clothes.

"Go wash these." She sighed and sat down at the kitchen table, defeated.

"We didn't do anything." She murmured. Her mother put her head in her hands.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. Her mother nodded,

"I know." She sighed. Her mom looked so small. So small and sad, sitting there hunched over the table, worrying. She turned away. She couldn't look anymore. The guilt and shame already ran through her blood. She read the tags before washing Suga's clothes. She walked back out, and her mother was gone. She was so stupid. After promising herself again and again she would never make her mother worry, she broke it time after time. She trudged upstairs and sat on her bed, pulling her knees to her chest. A few tears dripped out of her eyes, before they ran dry again. She thought about the little pond. She thought about her mother. She thought about her father. She thought about the stars. She thought about Suga. She stood and crawled over to her window and sat down. She pressed herself against the window, and curled up the tiniest ball she could.

Why couldn't she just disappear?



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