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They were all too busy fawning over Suga to notice the slight girl, barely keeping up with them. She stayed so far behind, she would turn a corner and barely see the last person in their cluster turn around the next corner. She walked silently, and she kept herself close to the buildings. She tried her best to blend in with her surroundings by compressing herself against the walls. She felt stupid, and doubted her strategy the entire way. She bit her lip and turned a corner. They were gone. She felt a moment of panic. She looked around. She saw a small side street and calmed down. She slowly approached it and peeked around the corner. She nearly sighed a breath of relief. They were all there, but they weren't clumped happily around each other. They were in a stiff, straight line facing another line of boys. What were they doing?

It was seven boys versus eight. She slapped herself mentally, who said they were versing each other? She was being silly. Suga and his friends were tough guys, but it was probably all an act. Suga had gotten into fights, but he seemed so much more mature now. She shook her head slightly and listened.

"That little brat you've got is getting on our nerves." Someone in the other line pointed to Jungkook.

"Well if you weren't such a stiff, maybe you'd see the humor." Jungkook muttered.

"What did you say?" Another in the other line asked. Jin smacked Jungkook on the back of his head.

"Shut up." Jin hissed.

"Cut the crap. Let's do this." Suga whined impatiently.

"No. We only have beef with the brat. Not anyone else. You guys go. It's none of your business." One in the other line growled.

"If you have a problem with one of us, you have a problem with all of us." Jimin muttered darkly. J-Hope nudged him.

"I mean the little jackass gets on our nerves too. He's the youngest, but he's family. He'll learn, maybe we can let it go?" J-Hope reasoned half-heartedly. Thank god, at least one of them has common sense, and at least one was trying.

"Oh, shut up J. They called us out, so we're here to put 'em in their place. Filthy pigs." V sneered.

"What did you say?" One lunged at V. Rapmon put up his hand, and one from the other line simply put his arm in front of the boy. He must be the leader she thought.

"You're not going to break your promise are you Dakho?" Rapmon said cooly.

"Surely not." Dakho responded, and roughly pushed the boy back in line. Rapmon shook hands with Dakho.

"Finally, Jesus Christ." Suga cracked his knuckles and in one smooth movement had Dakho knocked out on the ground. She gasped, but it was masked by angry yells.

Suga, what are you doing?

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