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Suga was behind her in a moment. He tried to catch her. He did, but it was too late, he fell down with her. They both landed heavily into the creek. She was on top of him. He moaned in pain loudly. She rolled off him quickly. The cold water in the creek soaked through her clothes in a moment, and she gasped when the icy water touched her skin. She looked over at Suga. He was dazed, and he looked absolutely confused. He looked adorable. She giggled, and sat up quickly. He was soaked, and his face was muddy.

"What the hell." He muttered.

"Sorry." She giggled. He sat up.

"Should I just carry you up?" He asked, exasperated. She laughed.

"Probably!" He stood, and she followed suit.

"Cmon." He hunched down in front of her. He was serious? Her heart pounded even faster. She gulped and jumped onto his back. He quickly carried her up the slope, with no mishaps. He set her down quickly.

"How did you even manage to fall?" He asked. She laughed and shrugged.

"I'm clumsy sometimes!" They chattered like that until the reached the umbrella, which was still there. He picked up the umbrella and held it over them. She shivered, and his teeth chattered. They walked quickly to warm themselves up, and they reached the school in minutes. They were both shaking badly by them.

"C-can I go t-to your h-house? M-mines pretty f-far from here. J-just to d-dry off." He whispered through chattering teeth. She nodded quickly.

"Let's g-go!" She grabbed his wrist and they ran.

She slammed into her front door and unlocked it quickly. She stepped inside, and Suga followed. It was so much warmer in the house. She checked the time. It was only 2, her mother wouldn't be home for another two hours. Despite the warmth of the house they were both shivering. His teeth still chattered harshly.

"Here." She led him into the downstairs bathroom.

"I'll bring you some of my dad's old clothes, if you want you can take a shower, because I'm going to." He nodded, and she ran to her parents bedroom. She grabbed some sweats and a sweatshirt her father never wore. She ran back and handed them to Suga.

"Dad never wears these. You can have them." He took the clothes gratefully and shut the door. She lingered a moment longer before running upstairs and jumping into the shower. She took a shower long enough to warm herself up, then she dried off and threw on some clothes. She made sure she looked nice before bounding downstairs and sliding into the kitchen, breathless. Suga was still showering. She looked around the kitchen. She had to be a good host right? A good host would get him something to drink, but what? Then she found the hot chocolate container. She grabbed it and smiled gleefully. She prepared two cups.

"Nari?" He called. She had just finished.

"I'm in the kitchen. Do you want some hot chocolate?" She asked.

"Hell yea!" She heard him pound into the kitchen. She handed him a cup.

"It's hot." She warned. He nodded, and took a sip.

"It's hot!" He yelled. She laughed at him. He scowled at her and sat down at the kitchen table. They chatted about teachers and classes a bit, before he asked the question she had been dreading.

"I remember you y'know, from middle school. What happened, while I was gone?" He looked up at her expectantly.

"Nothing much really, life continued on. But, I mean, you were like the biggest thing that ever happened. No one forgot you, but no one did anything either." She murmured.

"Oh." They were silent for a long time.

"Why did you stop talking to me?" He sounded hurt. She said nothing. She didn't want to tell him why. She was so ashamed. Thankfully, her phone rang.


"Hey sweetie! I'm turning onto our street right now, and I forgot my keys. Will you please let me in?" Her mother asked.

"Yeah." She hung up quickly. 

"S**t!" She jumped up and grabbed Suga's wrist, "You gotta go."

Why was her mother's timing so great, yet terrible?

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