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She made sure they couldn't see her, and she listened carefully.

"What was that about?" Rapmon asked calmly.

"This dick attacked me! Out of nowhere!" J-Hope yelled angrily.

"You know exactly why I did that!" Suga yelled back.

"Keep your voices down. People are looking." Jungkook growled.

"Why did you do it Suga?" Rapmon asked.

"This ass harassed a friend of mine." Suga grumbled.

"Oh my god! That girl? Really Suga!" J-Hope chastised Suga. Where they talking about her? She was confused.

"Oh that." Rapmon sighed, "Yes, I told J-Hope to do that. This is my fault, I should have said something. I'm sorry." Rapmon apologized. Why would Rapmon do that? Did they think it was funny? She really wanted to punch him.

"Why the hell would you do that?" Suga growled slowly and angrily.

"Well you see, you've had your eye on that girl for a while now, and we missed you when you pulled her off into the library. I figured you were trying to get with her, so I wanted to test her. To protect you. She passed by the way." Rapmon explained.

"Yeah, she kneed me in the gut." J-Hope grumbled. Test her? Test her? Did they think if she was with Suga she would cheat on him? Asshole! Now she really wanted to punch him.

"We're not a thing! She's just an old friend." Suga muttered.

"I thought we were your only friends." Jin sounded smug.

"I said old friend." Suga emphasized old.

"How old?" Jimin asked."Middle school." Suga mumbled.

"That's not that old!" Jimin laughed.

"Yeah well, she stopped talking to me in middle school. I meant old like was a friend, then wasn't a friend. She thought I was a freak or something." He sounded angry, and hurt. She had heard enough.

She quietly ran off and re-entered the school. She threw her lunch away and ran into the girls bathroom. She covered her mouth with her hand and cried silently. If she had known that he thought of her as a friend she would have kept talking to him. No, she knew she wouldn't have. She was so insecure then. She would have still ditched him. Even now under the same circumstances she probably would do the same thing, and that's what hurt. It also hurt to hear what he really thought of her, and how he really felt about all those years. It was so long ago, and they hadn't even been that close, but it still hurt. He probably thought she was just another bitch, and he toyed with her to get back at her for being so mean to him. She also hated remembering what a terrible person she really was. She cried for a moment longer and thought about his kind eyes. His eyes, that she had willingly maimed with hurt and loneliness all those years ago. She took a deep breath and washed her face.

What was high school if it wasn't learning how to conceal and put on a pretty face?




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