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She could ditch J-Hope and Jin, but she was scared to. She didn't want to see what they had to show her, but she did. She was scared of what she would see, but she wanted to see all the same. She waited for them behind the lockers.

"Hah! You showed!" J-Hope attempted to link arms with her. She stepped away.

"She's still sore about that other test." Jin laughed.

"You guys are assholes." She growled.

"We just take care of our own." Jin shrugged.

"Is this a test?" She asked.

"Sure. It's one you probably won't pass." J-Hope smiled.

"You still wanna come?" Jin asked. She gritted her teeth. Screw them, she would pass.

"Yes." She spat.

They led her down a number of side streets. Finally they stopped. Jin slammed her against a wall.

"You can't look away, you can't leave. Those are the rules. You can cry, scream, whatever. But you can't leave. If you leave you fail. We won't let you leave anyways." He laughed and let her go.

"If you want to leave, if you cry to leave, your score gets lower and lower." J-Hope smiled.

"Who says I'm gonna cry?" She replied indignantly.

"I saw your face before you ran away, trust me you will." Jin smiled.

"Screw you." She muttered murderously. They both laughed. She looked away. They led her down the street, and stopped at a corner. They stood on either side of her. Jin put a hand on her shoulder.

"You don't trust me?" She murmured.

"I do, it's a matter of whether J-Hope does or not." He whispered so J-Hope couldn't hear. She nodded. At least one person was halfway on her side. They moved slightly to the right and peeked around a corner. She stepped forward slightly, involuntarily, when she saw Suga. He was alone, facing away from her. There were 2 other guys.

"I'm Kangdae. This is Bonhwa. Are you ready to fight?"

"Sure." Suga yawned.

"Hey! We aren't like the others! We are trained." Bonhwa bragged.

"Great." Suga grabbed Bonhwa's face and slammed him into the wall. Kangdae charged at him. Suga kicked him in the stomach. Kangdae stumbled back. Suga grabbed him and kneed him in the stomach twice. Kangdae pushed himself away from Suga and wretched. Suga kept walking towards Kangdae.

"Suga, stop." She whispered. Kangdae whimpered. Suga brought his elbow down on Kangdae's neck. Kangdae collapsed.

"You bastard!" Bonhwa yelled. Blood trailed down his cheek. He couldn't move he was lying on the floor. He turned back to Bonhwa. She caught a glimpse of his eyes. The maliciousness glinted brightly in his eyes. She looked away.

"I don't want to watch anymore." She murmured. Jin tightened his grip on her shoulder, and J-Hope grabbed her arm. They said nothing. Suga leaned on the wall and kicked Bonhwa several times. Suga's lips curved upward slightly. She closed her eyes and tried to pull away from Jin and J-Hope.

"I don't want to watch." She sobbed. She didn't care about passing their stupid test. She just didn't want to watch anymore. She heard Bonhwa moan and groan in pain.

"Please stop." She sobbed quietly. Jin's grip on her loosened out of pity. She wrenched away from him and turned away. She put her hand over her mouth and quieted her sobs. J-Hope let her go, and all was silent.

"J-Hope?" Suga questioned. Jin grabbed her and quickly pulled her away.

She never, ever wanted to go back and see that Suga again.



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