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She was in a terrible mood by the time the day ended. Suga was in every single one of her classes. It was something about their names. They weren't even similar. Or maybe it was the fact that they weren't similar. She grabbed her books out of her locker, pouting. She closed her locker and turned to leave. Suga and his 'crew' were walking towards her. Rapmon was at the head of the group, Suga was at the back. She averted her eyes and squeezed herself down as small as she could. She quickly walked past them. Suga's arm brushed against hers. Just from his touch chills went through her body. She shivered quickly, then ran out of the school. She walked home as fast as she could, and pounded up the stairs to her room. She threw herself on her bed, and put her hands over her face. Even after all this time he still sent chills through her. She whined to herself. She remembered the first time he had ever touched her.

They were working on their project. He was at her house and they were sitting at the kitchen table. They both reached for a box of colored pencils. His hand draped over hers. She blushed, as tingles shot through her hand. She smiled and gave him the colored pencils. He was blushing.

"I need the markers anyways." She mumbled. He had been so pale, his rosy cheeks stood out starkly against his skin. He still was pale, but he had lost some of his blushing innocence. She missed it.

Jesus, what was wrong with her? She hadn't seen him in nearly 3 years. Why was she remembering every time she had ever spent with him so vividly? Why did she feel ashamed when she looked at him? Because she chose her friends over him? Why was she so infatuated with him? He was just one normal guy, right? She shook her head and pouted. She stood and walked over to her window. She had one of those windows you could go sit in, and it had a curtain to hide you from the rest of the world. Everyone was jealous of her window. She honestly didn't know what she would do without it. It was a place for her to think, a place for her to try and make sense of things. She rested her head against the cool glass of the window. She was so confused, but that wasn't much of a change. But this was a different confused. Not a why was the world they way it was, or where am I going in life confused. It was even worse. She was confused with herself, and she didn't know what to do. Usually her emotions were so easy to understand, so simple. Now everything was muddled up and she had no idea what she wanted, or what she wanted to do.

Why did one guy suddenly make everything so complicated?

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