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Suga broke away from the girl roughly. He pushed her away and stood. His eyes were wide with fear.

"Nari, no." He breathed. Tears fell from her eyes easily as she backed away.

"I can't believe it." She murmured to herself, then she ran. She ran as hard and as fast as she could to the beach. Rocks cut her feet, and branches scraped her arms. The sand ground into her cut feet painfully. She tried to breathe, but all she could do was sob and wail. Again. Why was she always cheated on? She was never good enough was she? She couldn't stand it. One little fight, that barely counted as a fight, and he goes and kisses another girl. Didn't he know how much that hurt her? Didn't he understand? Didn't he already know she hated liars and cheats? Didn't he promise? Her lungs ached from the lack of air. She cried even harder when her feet burned. Her heart was shattered. The moment she opened that door it had exploded. She knew she couldn't take him back. She wouldn't allow herself to do that again. She would not.

"Nari! It's not! Please! No!" Suga panted and reached out for her. She hit his arm away and backed away from him. She felt the water envelop her feet and even though the salt tore at her wounds she moved back until the water cut her thighs with cold. Suga didn't follow her. He just stared at her helplessly from the beach.

"It's not what you think." He tried.

"No! I trusted you! You promised! You promised me! How dare you! It's exactly what I think it is! You lying basta..." She couldn't even choke out the last part. She wailed into her hands. She didn't even have to see herself to know she was an absolute wreck.

"I'm so sorry." He sobbed and collapsed onto the ground. His legs were spread apart and bent. He put his elbows on his thighs, and put his head in his hands. She wanted to run up and kick him in the balls. He wasn't sorry. There was no way he was hurting as bad as she was. It felt like she had lost her sister all over again.

"I hate you!" She screamed.

"Please don't say that." He pleaded.

"I hate you!" She screamed again, "You promised!" She sobbed.

"I know!" He looked up at her. His eyes were already red and puffy. Tears ran down his cheeks faster than hers did. How dare he.

"" She growled at him. She put all her anger and hurt into those three words. He cried even harder. Grimacing and sobbing and crying like a three year old. Despite it all she wanted to run over and comfort him. Screw him. She told herself he looked terrible and ugly and gross. It didn't work.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..." He trailed off. He knew it was enough.

"It was one fight! One fight! I can walk home by myself! Don't ever try to walk me home again!" She half-sobbed, half-screamed. She didn't even know what she was really mad at him for anymore. Cheating on her. Controlling her. Both. Neither. She only really understood how hard she was crying.

"I was just trying to protect you." He murmured.

"From what? The only thing you had to protect me from was you." She spat. He smiled at her weakly.

"Probably." She couldn't look at him. She looked down at the water. It was cold and her feet were numb. They didn't burn anymore. The sun shone brightly on the water, and it glinted prettily on the waves. Her dress billowed out around her, it looked very pretty. Everything her around was perfect. She was destroyed. She looked up at him. He hung his head between his knees defeated.

"Probably." She agreed. She walked out of the water and onto the beach.

"Don't ever speak to me again." She warned as she passed him. He looked up at her sadly, and watched her leave.

She already missed him.

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