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She twirled around in the summery dress. It was a warm day, so she would surprise Suga. She would go over to his house and apologize, even if she was right. She missed him too much. It had only been two days, she kept reminding herself, but she really wanted a hug. She twirled around in the white, floral dress. It settled back down on her legs and she smiled. She looked pretty, the dress made her look young, and happy, and playful. She liked it. She waved goodbye to her mother.

"Where are you going?" She asked defeated.

"To the mall with Misook." She lied. Her mother nodded.

"Be safe." She bounded out of the house and walked to Suga's. It really was a nice day. She never understood why people found it hard to lie to their parents. It was very easy to do it, just the guilty feeling in the pit of your stomach was hard to swallow. She shook her head to clear it and looked up to the sky. The bright, white, fluffy clouds floated across vibrant blue sky lazily and the sun shone strong and proud high over the dry horizon.She opened the door to Suga's house slowly. She peeked inside and looked around the vast entrance. There were more shoes than usual. Suga probably had his friends over. She smiled, she wouldn't mind saying hi to Jimin or Jin. She really wanted Suga alone but it didn't really matter. She took off her shoes and fixed her hair in the mirror by the window. She smiled and made as little noise as possible. She twirled around in her dress one more time and tip toed around the house looking for them. Suddenly she heard a loud laugh. She jumped and turned around. That had really scared her. She scowled and walked towards the laugh. It came from the living room. Of course they're in there she told herself. She opened the door.

"Su-" Her hand fell from the doorknob limply. Her jaw fell open. Jin jumped up, Jimin followed. She stood, unable to move. Staring at Suga. Kissing that girl...



i feel like i haven't updated in a while so here. also i wanted to get thru the forties, bcuz i hate the number forty...i cri lol

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