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She woke up to the blaring of her phone. She grabbed it sleepily and answered it. Suga grumbled and pulled her back into her. She giggled.

"Hello?" She asked groggily.

"Where are you?" Her mother screamed into the phone. She bolted up, her shoulder slamming into Suga's jaw. He cried out in pain and sat up.

"Hey!" He whined. She tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Mom? I'm sorry." She said quickly.

"I've been worried sick! Do you know what time it is? Do you even know what day it is?" Her mother choked out the last part.

"What day is it?" She hissed at Suga. He looked at the calendar.

"Uh...the 27th."

"S**t!" She whispered under her breath.

"I'll be there in a second, okay mom?" She waited for her mother to answer.

"I've been so worried! Where are you? No calls! No texts! Where are you?" Her mother yelled into the phone.

"See you soon." She hung up. She took a deep breath before running to grab her clothes.

"Where are my clothes?" She looked around frantically.

"Downstairs. I dried them. What's wrong?" He yelled after her. She ran down the stairs, slipping twice.

"I f**ked up." She yelled. She heard him pound after her. She grabbed her clothes out of the dryer and pulled off Suga's shirt in one quick motion.

"Oh god." Suga whisked around and walked back into the living room. She blushed as she pulled her clothes on. She quickly ran outside.

"I have to go." She yelled. He ran out after her.

"Hey!" He pulled her into his arms.

"I love you. Tell me about it later?" He asked.

"Okay. I love you too." She kissed him for a long moment. She pulled away, but he pulled her back. They both smiled.

"I have to go." She kissed him quickly and wriggled out of his grasp.

"Love you!" He called.

"I love you too!" She yelled, then sprinted at full speed. She had a terrible cramp halfway, but she didn't stop. Finally a block from her house she had to stop. Her stomach and legs were cramping terribly, her head was pounding, and she was awfully hungry. She walked as fast as she could to her house. She was covered in a sheen of sweat, and her muscles ached. She shook away the pain and flung her door open.

"Mom?" She called.

"Where have you been?" Her mother flew at her. She hugged her tightly.

"I was with a friend, I decided to stay over." She murmured. Her mother pulled away.

"That boy?" She asked suspiciously.

"What boy?" She played dumb.

"That boy! The one that walks you home every day! Were you with him? Don't you dare lie to me! Not today!" She yelled, her mother's eyes glinting fiercely. She said nothing.

"You were! How could you forget today? You know you're father's not going to be here for me! I need you, and I worry!" Tears ran down her mother's cheeks. She grabbed her mother and hugged her tightly.

"I'm so sorry mom. I didn't mean to...I just...I'm sorry." She murmured. Her mother smelled salty, like sweat and tears. She was wearing all black too. She should put on her black too. Her mother patted her back.

"It's okay. I love you sweetheart. I was just so worried. You're all I have." She pinched her cheek and sighed, before walking into the living room. She remembered her mother wearing a pink jumpsuit, waddling under her weight, full of life. Now she was in all black, so thin you could see her ribs and back, shoulders hunched with grim certainty. She ran up to her room and changed into black. She washed her face and cried for a bit, out of courtesy. She went to her window and thought for a bit. Only 3 years ago. Things could have been so different. She sighed and looked at the shiny, plastic gem in her necklace. Just as shiny as that little, polished, black box. With the bouquet of pure white lilies. She sighed and cried for herself, silently. She wanted a hug from Suga, but today was not a day for that. Her mother was so worried all the time. She sighed and stood. She wiped her eyes and went downstairs. She wrapped her arm around her mother's thin shoulders.

"Let's go."

When will it stop hurting? When will they stop going?

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