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She came to school early and gave Suga his clothes. She made sure no one saw. She felt like crap. Her mother was still angry with her. No, it would have been better if she was mad. She was just disappointed. She sat motionless in her first period. She couldn't even look at Suga. It made her feel too guilty. She made it through the next period before needing a break. It took all of her self control to not flat out run into the library. She slammed into the planetarium and flipped the switch. The ceiling lit up with little stars. She laid down on the podium and looked up at the fake stars. She looked up and searched for Suga's star. She couldn't find it. The bell rang. She sighed and went back to class. Suga passed her a note.

"Where were you? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She turned her head to face him.

"No one asked you how you were feeling Nari. Please step outside." The teacher shooed her away. She stood and walked outside. She smiled and sat down on the floor. She was so stupid and dumb. She felt like crap. She probably was crap, and she didn't know how to make it better.

She entered Suga's fantastical forest. She slid down the slope to the creek, and jumped from rock to rock until she reached the pond. She looked at it again. The hunched willow reminded her of her mother. Hunched over the little black box, weeping. She took a deep breath and looked away.

"Nari?" She turned around. It was Suga.

"Hello." She sighed.

"Are you okay?" He jumped onto a rock next to her.

"Yes, I'm fine." She smiled, and faced the pond again.

"You sure?" He put his face under hers.

"Yes." She giggled. He smiled and straightened himself up.

"Do you know Hyunsook?" He asked. Hyunsook? She was probably the most popular girl in school. Everyone knew her, everyone. She wondered why he was asking.

"Yeah, why?"

"Is she single?" He asked.

Oh my god.



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