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She held Suga's hand as they walked out of the school. Rapmon smiled and nodded as they passed. She smiled shyly and looked back at Suga. He smiled down at her gratefully. J-Hope and Jungkook snickered as the pair passed. Suga stuck out his tongue at them.

"Don't mind them."

"I know. That's who they are. I could get used to it." She smiled and leaned against Suga. V came up to her.

"You still did it huh?" He asked. She nodded.

"You've got guts. Don't f**k up." He warned Suga. Suga nodded.

"I trust you." She murmured when V had walked away. He wrapped his arm around her.

"I love you." He promised.

"I love you too." She agreed.

Jin and Misook joined them as they stood by the tree in the courtyard.

"Look!" Misook pointed excitedly to Eunsuh and Jimin. Jimin held a bouquet of pink roses and white lilies. He offered them to Eunsuh. She pushed them aside and jumped on him.

"It seems the Eunsuh who is madly in love with the retarded Jimin has finally succeeded." Suga narrated. She laughed and kissed his cheek. Misook took her hand and held it tightly. She looked over at Misook.

"What?" She asked softly.

"Just know that all your friends are here for you, no matter what you may need. Life's not a path you can travel alone, sometimes you need a friend to buy you an Oreo McFlurry and hug you while you cry." She smiled. Nari laughed.

"Okay, I'll remember that. But can it be an strawberry milkshake instead?" Misook smiled.

"Of course."

"You can come in if you'd like." Nari pulled Suga into her house. He smiled as she led him up into her room. They went and sat at her window. He held her hands and faced her.

"I have something to say." He murmured.


"I know I f**ked up, and I know you shouldn't have taken me back. But for some god forsaken reason you have and I'm grateful. I love you so much, and I understand if you can't trust me right away. I know you say you do, but I also know some part of you doesn't. And I swear I'm going to do everything to make everything go back to normal, and throw rocks up at your window, and show you my favorite stars, and be stupid. I still don't understand why you like it when I do dumb s**t like that, but that's me and its amazing that you love me for that. Also why is there a hole in your window?" He inspected the pebble-induced hole in her window. She wiped away a few tears and laughed.

"You have this beautiful speech, and you ruin it by asking about my window!" She yelled at him. He laughed and pressed his forehead to hers.

"I was curious!" He defended. She laughed and kissed his nose.

"If you must know Rapmon did that."

"He breaks everything I swear. What was he doing over here?" He squeezed her hands.

"Asking me to forgive you, very subtle. He also told me about middle school and why you came back." She murmured. Suga nodded.

"I'll tell him to pay for your window the bastard." She laughed.

"It does cause a terrible draft."

"Must be cold at night." He giggled. She smiled shyly.

"You can stay, for the night I mean." She whispered. "Not in that way!" She hit him when she saw his eyes widen. He laughed.

"I know. Geez, Jin's got farther than me." He grumbled good-naturedly.

"Hey. Don't touch my boob." She kissed him gently and curled up in his lap.

"Don't touch my boob." He sighed and wrapped his arms around her. She closed her eyes and he did the same.

"I love you." She whispered before drifting off. She faintly heard his reply.

"I love you too, forever and always."

So, they were finally together. But was it the end?



so....its the last chapter

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