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Her mother found her sobbing on the stairs in her ripped shirt.

"Oh my god! What did they do to you? Who? What?" Her mother screamed and turned in a full 360 before coddling her daughter.

"He saved me mom. But I hate him." She sobbed. "And I love him." She added inaudibly.

"What were they doing to you?" She pet her daughters hair as she asked.

"The pushed me in an alley. My shirt, they smelled so bad. Then Suga he rang the doorbell. Mommy!" She wailed. She couldn't string her words into comprehensive sentences. The only thing on her mind was Suga, Suga, Suga. But she needed him out, out, out.

"Mom." She murmured. She needed a rock. A big, strong, solid rock. Someone like Suga. No, damn it. Stop thinking about him. Stop it. She folded into herself. She couldn't stop thinking about him, but she needed to. She couldn't stop wanting him, but she needed to.

"Let's skip school tomorrow okay?" Her mother rubbed her back encouragingly. She nodded.

"Yes. Please."

She went back to school two days later. She felt like she was ready. She could face Suga's friends. Not Suga she felt she would never be able to face him again. She tried to keep her head up, but she could feel herself faltering with each step. When she reached her locker she was trying to figure out a way to squeeze herself into a ball without falling on the floor. Someone grabbed her arm and twisted her around. She gasped slightly. It was Jin. He slammed her against the lockers.

"Jin what-what are you doing?" She stuttered bewildered. He looked awful. His cheeks were bright red but the rest of his face was pale. His eyes had deep shadows beneath them, and his usually pristine hair was an absolute mess.

"Take him back." He growled. Her heart stopped.

"What?" Please don't be asking what I think you're asking she pleaded in her head.

"Take Suga back. Take him back now." Jin grabbed her wrist and began to pull her along. She wriggled out of his grasp.

"Please. Not here." She murmured.

"You said you didn't care about what he did on his own time!" Jin whimpered.

"If it didn't affect me." She whispered, "That affected me." She pushed back the tears forming in her eyes. Jin hung his head.

"Please. He won't sleep. All he does is fight now. He won't eat. I'm so...I'm so worried" He pleaded. She covered her mouth with her hand.

"I'm sorry." She whimpered. She ran to the bathroom and cried. She cried and cried and cried. Lunch came and she was still crying. Finally the school day ended. She ran out of the bathroom, tears flying. She sprinted home and banged into her room. She slammed her door and slid down it as her knees collapsed beneath her. She couldn't go back to him. She wanted to. Jin wanted her to. Suga wanted her back, but did he really? Would he just hurt her again? She was just a coward.

The risk was too big.

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