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She walked home from school somberly. Suga hadn't spoken to her all day. She looked up at the gray sky and sighed.

"Nari." Someone growled. She whisked around. It was Jungkook and Rapmon.

"Yes?" She asked suspiciously. They were far away from her, and they made no move to approach her. It was Jungkook who had spoken. She felt fear creep through her stomach. After her last experience with this crew, she didn't trust them at all.

"Jungkook, leave. You're scaring her." Rapmon commanded smoothly. Jungkook smirked and swaggered away. Rapmon took a few tentative steps towards her. She didn't move a muscle.

"Suga is a good friend of mine." Rapmon looked up at her. "You know that right?"

"Yes." She cleared her throat nervously.

"Good." He smiled gently.

"You know I would hate to see him get hurt right?" His smile darkened.

"Yes." She whispered.

"You know that I will protect Suga, as well as any of those boys, from anyone or anything that might hurt them?" Rapmon's gentle smile darkened with malice. She nodded.

"Yes." She mumbled.

"Good. Then we have come to an understanding." He turned around and began to walk away.

"Goodbye Nari." He waved. She stood there motionless for a long time, before continuing home.

She walked to school slowly. She didn't want to talk to Rapmon or Suga. Not that Suga was talking to her anyways. She sighed and walked slowly. Hopefully she would be late.

"Nari!" She looked up. Suga was running toward her.

"Suga!" She smiled broadly, relieved.

"Sorry I kinda ignored you yesterday. I had to tell the guys first sorry." He laughed. She nodded and smiled.

"It's okay." He took her arm.

"Can I walk you?" He kissed her cheek.

"Sure." She laughed and they set off. Everyone stared while they walked into the school. She tried to keep her head up like Suga, but she wasn't fond of attention, be it negative or positive.

"I have to go say hey to the guys. I'll see you in first period okay?" He unhooked his arm from hers and waved. She nodded and waved back.  She sat down at her desk and waited for Suga to return. The classroom was empty without him. Or maybe she felt empty without him. Someone slammed their hands down on her desk. She looked up startled.

"I see you found someone else."

What the hell did he want?

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