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She crawled into bed and curled up into a ball. She pulled her robe around her tightly, and adjusted the hat her mother had given her. She pulled the blankets up to her neck and shivered. She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately. She woke up and rolled over. It was 3AM she sighed. She was fully awake now, but it was cold so she snuggled into her blankets. She sighed, it was boring. She reached over and turned on the light. She grabbed her phone too. She noticed the small slip of paper on her desk. She coughed for a bit before reaching over and grabbing it. Suga's handwriting was very neat. She smiled as she read.

"Hope you feel better. You were acting really weird, laughing and stuff. Also, sorry about J-Hope the other day, he's an ass. If you're free this Saturday and feeling better, I'd like to show you something. Text me. (523)676-2935." She punched his number into her phone immediately. She debated whether or not it was a good idea to text him. What the heck, she decided. It was 3AM he probably wouldn't reply right away anyways.

"What did you want to show me?" She asked. She put her phone down, and spread out on her bed and stretched. She felt all bubbly and nervous on the inside. She'd never sleep now. Her phone buzzed.

She looked at it puzzled.

"It's a surprise. What are you doing up?" It was Suga. Her heart stopped. She replied back quickly

."I took a nap, so now I can't sleep."

"Are you feeling better?" He asked. She coughed. She felt better, but she was sick. That was obvious.

"Tons. But I'm still sick."

"I figured. I can show you another time." She bit her lip. Curiosity gnawed at her stomach.

"I'll still meet you this Saturday."

"Really? Are you sure you're well enough?" He sounded concerned. She smiled at the attention.

"I'm fine. Where and when?" She asked.

"School? 1PM?"

"Sure." She smiled. The bubbly feeling came back.

"See you then." That sounded like goodbye. She chewed her cheek worried. She tried to think of anything to keep up the conversation.

"What are you doing up so late?" She finally asked.

"Waiting for you to text me. You should sleep. Goodnight." End of conversation. She groaned and put her phone down. She snuggled back up into her blankets in a sour mood. She wanted to talk to him more. Texting him was so much easier, she didn't have to actually look at him. Looking at him made her heart pound, and jump, and run around in circles. Seeing him made her brain worry, and twist, and complicate. He, himself in person, made her a complete mess. She closed her eyes and forced everything out of her mind. She fell asleep eventually.

How did he even do that to her?


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