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She blew her hair out of her face and waited for the bell to ring. She hated her homeroom, it was so boring. She closed her eyes. She closed her eyes and blocked out all the chatter. She wondered what she should do with her life. She never knew what to do. She sighed as the school bell rang. She waited for the teacher to enter. He was always a few minutes late. Blustering and stumbling along. He was new, he was confused, she couldn't blame him. Life was confusing. She sighed bored and looked around the empty room. Barely anyone was in any of his classes, because he was new. He stared at his paper for a long moment, the silence rung in her ears.

"Sir." Someone cleared their throat. He started quickly.

"Oh! Sorry." He mumbled and he ruffled through his stacks of papers. He stared at the attendance sheet dumbfounded.

"Well it looks like we have seven new students!" He smiled happily.

"Seven?" Someone asked.

"Seven." He nodded. Someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" He smiled. Seven boys walked in. Great, she thought. They looked tough. Not just the fake 'I'm cool tough', the real 'you're screwed if I don't like you' tough. She groaned softly. They would be loud, she liked quiet. They were all wearing hats and looking down, they would get in trouble.

"Alright boys, introduce yourselves, and please take off your hats." She knew it. The first one looked up, he took off his hat.

"Jungkook." He sat down in the seat nearest to him, right in the front row. He put his head down on his desk and fell asleep. She rolled her eyes. The instructor stared for a moment before gesturing for them to move on, and hitting Jungkook's head.

"Piss off." Jungkook muttered. The instructor ignored him.




"Real names please boys." The class snickered.



"J-Hope." They repeated irritated. He sighed and shooed them away.


"Alright. I'm no fool. Real names please!" He threw his hands up exasperated.

"His name is V. He's an orphan, they don't know his real name so everyone called him V. Now who feels like an asshole." One boy explained patiently. The other snickered, and the instructor looked taken aback. He nodded dumbly. The boy who had just spoken handed him a paper.

"Rapmon." He sat down. She looked to either side of her. Empty seats. The last one would sit next to her, no matter what. They were the last seats left. She sighed dejectedly. The last boy lifted his head.

"Suga." She gasped softly, and the rest of the class gasped loudly after her. The instructor was still reading the paper Rapmon had given him, and was ignoring the class. Suga sat to her right. She glanced at him briefly, then looked away. She covered her face with her hair. What the hell, the mouthed to herself. The guy in front of Suga turned around and whispered.

"Suga? As in Min Suga, as in Min Yoongi?" He was awed.

"Sure." Suga answered bored.

"Wow! I remember you from middle school you were-" Suga cut him off.

"Oh shut up." She snickered, trying to keep quiet. She knew Suga had heard her. She felt his eyes on her.

God of all the people it had to be him didn't it?

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