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My Bestfriend is an Idol | JUNGKOOK Fanfiction by K-pzy_Nana
My Bestfriend is an Idol | JUNGKOO...by Nana
Love is painful in two ways. It hurts to let go. It hurts to leave. ☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎ Each time I caught him staring at me, he would just smile at me with an eyebrow...
Mafia Stepbrother  by jk-wolf123
Mafia Stepbrother by Mary12bts
Y/n an 18 years old girl goes to a new school, has no friends and has a sister who hate her. What will happen when her mum remarries and she will have soon to be stepbr...
STEPBROTHERS (Mafia au) by Author_sam1
STEPBROTHERS (Mafia au)by Author_sam1
Y/N is a smart, sweet, caring,savage and beautiful girl, With many secrets. She lives with her Mom. Her dad died when she was 5 years old in a car crash. Her mom and she...
An Indescribable Feeling by DayDreamRomantic
An Indescribable Feelingby DayDreamRomantic
When a worldwide sickness means BTS have a time limit to find their final soulmate, they come up with a plan to find them during their world tour. - Cute and fluffy ...
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His Obsession  by namjoonsgreenhair
His Obsession by namjoonsgreenhair
Jeon Y/N, A sweet and kind hearted soul with an innocent mind, she loves everyone and always tries to make people around her happy... Unaware of the fact that the peopl...
Hidden 8th | BTS by lIDayDreamerIl
Hidden 8th | BTSby DayDreamer
There were always 8 members. From the beginning till now, it was always the lucky 8 number. You were hiding in plain sight, in each and every music video, Bangtan bombs...
Just Friends  by Muskannnn467
Just Friends by Muskannnn467
(Completed story ) True Love is Selfless It is prepared to sacrifice Where Jungkook is willingly sacrificing his feelings just for the sake of his friendship between hi...
Mafia and University Girl||KTH FF by Evanna_Downey
Mafia and University Girl||KTH FFby Coral FF
Taehyung falls for Y/n... But will she accept him when she comes to know that he's a mafia? All Copyrights Reserved. #rated 3 for BTSmafiaFF #rated 1 for MUG
Just One Day | Liskook [ Completed ] by inactive11041998
Just One Day | Liskook [ Completed...by inactive11041998
Jungkook and Lisa find themselves together in an elevator. What could possibly go wrong? Started : 8/6/17 Completed : 26/1/18 #607 in fanfiction ~ 12/10/17 #327 in fanfi...
STEPBROTHERS - BTS FF [Moon Land] by moonlan11
STEPBROTHERS - BTS FF [Moon Land]by moon land
This is the story of a high school girl, Y/N, who has an average life, but it will all change when her mom will get married to the father of BTS. Y/N's life will turn up...
Mafia's obsession ✅ by kookietaetaeot7
Mafia's obsession ✅by kookietaetaeot7
what will happen when the mafia king will fall for an innocent and indian girl y/n let's see what turn will there life take Note: I wrote this story when I was new to t...
"Tito(uncle) Jeon"✅ by jennytaegguk
"Tito(uncle) Jeon"✅by Stupid Innocent
A kid will be the path between the two husbands who don't love each other and the kid will fixed their broken hearts Cover credits: @aisyx__ and I'm freaking love this e...
His Cheetah | Soulmate/Hybrid | Jimin x Reader✔ by TundraFox
His Cheetah | Soulmate/Hybrid | Ji...by Tundra Fox ~가비
At last, it was your turn to meet Jimin. The double heartbeats of your nearing soulmate was pounding harder than ever. You then moved your legs and stood in front of...
Fake It | TK by beAnhV
Fake It | TKby Anh
A story in which Kim Taehyung is in love with Jeon Jungkook for nearly three years, but Jungkook fell in love with Park Jimin, Taehyung's best friend. Jungkook then thou...
Puppet✅ by jennytaegguk
Puppet✅by Stupid Innocent
Puppet Jungkook controlled what he wants that's why he also controlled his spouse's life like a puppet who obeyed him what everything he told without thinking about hi...
The Wrong Soulmate (BTS OT7) by Friday_Writer
The Wrong Soulmate (BTS OT7)by Friday_Writer
COMPLETE: Growing up everyone knew about soulmates. A mark would appear on your body on your 16th birthday and the person who shared your mark was your soulmate. There...
Reversed by Avid_Rdr
Reversedby Avid_Rdr
In a normal world the role of idol and fan are very much set in stone. One cannot exist without the other. Very rarely are these roles ever the opposite of the accepte...
First Love || completed by chryzvylle
First Love || completedby Chimin
I must be happy that I met you again,but it's so painful,because you don't know me as if I didn't exist in your past. For the second time Jungkook, we met again. #43 in...
Mafia vs Mafia  by jennie_bangpink
Mafia vs Mafia by jennie_bangpink
(Complete) This is story about 2 powerfull Mafia groups who hate each other but maybe destiny has planned something else for them what will happen when 2 powerfull Maf...
BTS Family - Family matters, NamJin by ChrissySixx
BTS Family - Family matters, NamJinby Chrissy
The story of how Namjoon starts a family with Jin and all those hardships and happy things that come along with that. Namjoon's the father of Yoongi (7), Hoseok (5) and...