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She came to school the next day, and avoided Suga and J-Hope to the best of her abilities. It was hard to avoid Suga since they were in the same classes, but they never spoke. He seemed to be in a sour mood since the day started. She kept her glances at him to a minimum too. Her self-control was getting better. She tried not to think about what happened. Suga's confusing actions, and J-Hope's disgusting display. J-Hope had seemed to be the nicest of them all, apparently not. She hadn't said anything to her friends about what had happened. In fact she avoided talking about them entirely, if she could. She trudged out to the courtyard. It was a nice day so people were sitting outside. No one was sitting.

Everyone was crowded around a wall.

"You piece of shit!" She heard Suga yell. She ran over. She pushed her way politely through the crowd. She took a spot right in the front. Suga had J-Hope against the wall. Suga's forearm dug into J-Hopes neck. J-Hope coughed and spluttered. Jungkook and V were trying to pull Suga off J-Hope. It was useless. Suga was stronger than them all. She looked around. Jin, Jimin, and Rapmon walked out of the school. She jumped up and waved.

"Rapmon!" She called. He could stop them. She knew he could. Jin and Jimin rushed forward and pushed their way through the crowd. They took a moment to analyze the situation before jumping on J-Hope, trying to slide him out from under Suga. Rapmon made his way through the crowd calmly. He simply walked over and put his hand on Suga's shoulder.

"Suga." He commanded firmly. Suga immediately, but reluctantly let go of J-Hope. Suga stepped back and rolled his shoulders angrily. J-Hope gasped and glared at Suga. V, Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin all stepped back and stayed silent. Rapmon turned around.

"Go away. Now." The crowd dispersed at his command quickly. She lingered for a moment.

"You too." V addressed her. V looked her over before turning back to Suga and J-Hope. Stunned, she walked away. Then she turned a corner and listened.

Who says a little eavesdropping killed someone?

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