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*a few weeks later*

She waited patiently for Suga. Jin was making out with Misook against some lockers. She shook her head and looked away. Eunsuh was flirting with a clueless Jimin. She smiled, his innocence was amazing. Suga was talking intently with Rapmon and J-Hope. She sighed, she didn't feel like waiting anymore. She would start walking without him. He could catch up, or she would survive one day without him. It can't be that bad. She set off and walked home alone. It felt a lot more lonely than she thought it would, but it wasn't so bad. She hummed a lot. She wondered how she had walked home before Suga. She contemplated this for awhile until she heard an angry yell behind her.

"Nari!" It was Suga.

"Yes?" She turned around relieved, immediately taken aback by his fuming anger. He grabbed her shoulders roughly.

"Are you okay?"

"Yea fine, what's wrong?" She asked puzzled. He pushed her away and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Jesus Christ. Don't ever walk home without me again!" He yelled.

"Why not?" She asked irritated.

"Because!" He yelled.

"Because you said so?" She asked angrily. She turned and continued walking home.

"Yes because I said so and because I'm trying to protect you!" He yelled after her.

"Protect me from what? There's nothing to protect me from!" Shesneered at him.

"Yes there is!" He insisted.

"You don't need to act tough around me! I already love you! There's no point!" She laughed at him.

"I'm not acting tough! Will you please just wait for me next time?" He pleaded.

"I'll do what I want." She opened her door, and glanced at him quickly before closing the door. He looked annoyed. He could really be an ass sometimes.

She sat down at her lunch table. Suga wasn't there, but she caught him glaring at her several times. It gave her the urge to laugh, he really couldn't look mad. It was kind of adorable. Jin tapped her shoulder.

"Hm?" She turned to face him.

"Are you and Suga okay?" He asked.

"Oh yeah." She laughed,

"He's just being silly. I'll talk to him tomorrow." She waved away his concern lightheartedly. Assured by her easy-going response, he turned back to Misook and they flirted playfully. She groaned softly.

"Gross." She muttered under her breath. She smiled. Suga might be annoyed with her, but it was so silly it didn't even feel like a fight. She did miss him though, she wasn't looking forward to walking home alone again. She sighed, he was being overprotective when he had no reason to be. He was being silly, it was pretty cute, but it was annoying that he wouldn't let her do what she wanted. She scowled slightly, and stood. She stretched and said goodbye to everyone. She sat down at her next class, put her head down, and fell asleep. She missed Suga's hugs.

Was he really such a big part of her life?

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